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working it out.

December 23, 2009

Scenario: with the imminent kickoff of 2010, a slew of people will soon proclaim that they will get lighter in the new year. Sporting goods stores, gyms and health food stores will rejoice for a few weeks, until Valentine’s Day, when everyone will buy each other chocolate, screw up each others’ diets and give everyone an excuse to quit. A few weeks later will bring heavy drinking on St. Patrick’s Day, and next thing we know it’s December again and we’ve collectively gained thousands of pounds as a nation.

A few months ago I started a journey to lose weight for a friend’s wedding (which you can read about in further detail here, if interested), and thus opened the door to an entirely new genre of clothing, accessories and fashion: workout wear.

Because I live in Atlanta and began doing a lot of outdoor activity in July, my purchases during those first few months were predominantly shorts and tanks. Then came the floods, which drove me into my apartment for a few months. Now that it’s cooler (and I happen to be a southerner who likes cool weather), I’m ready to return to the outdoors for my workouts, but have realized I don’t have some of the necessary gear for outdoor running in the winter.

It’s not that cool here yet, and won’t get that bad, but it is cool enough that, should you be indulging in some outdoor fun, you may want an extra layer and/or other items, especially if your nasal cavities behave the way mine do (i.e. lots and lots of snot) and are further aggravated by cool air rushing into your face for a prolonged period of time. (Note: none of the items I want or need will stop this problem, but keeping the rest of my body warmer should help a little.)

The most important item I’ve decided to purchase is running gloves, a suggestion from my brother who got them a couple years ago for a half marathon and sings their praises. The poor hands get cold first, and none of my current pairs (iPhone gloves, leather gloves, tiny magic gloves) will suffice. Aside from those, I foresee the purchase of a fitted fleece or other half-zip pullover, and probably a thick ear warmer/headband. This week I picked up workout pants on sale at Target for $13, which are a yoga style pant with a fold-over waistband, but didn’t think until I’d gotten them home that I should have gotten a pair with a key pocket. So, a new pair of running pants, of the non-swishy variety, may be in order as well.

In my experience, cheap workout wear works. I am no marathoner, but the Champion line sold at Target has served me well in the form of tanks, shorts, t-shirts and sports bras. My other major summer purchases came from the Nike and Adidas outlet stores, both getting me running shorts with lining and key pockets for under or around $20. Yes, the lines on the sides of my Nike shorts are slightly different from those of every girl wandering Athens, Ga., but I am confident enough to strut in them anyhow.

For a sweatband or fleece, I plan to return to the outlet mall; this may be the destination for the gloves as well. In researching running gloves, I found several pairs around $10-15 on Amazon and Google shopping, so I at least have a price comparison when I do make it out to shop.

If you have workout wear tips of your own, please share. I’m still new on the scene. Here’s hoping there are new kicks under the Christmas tree for me in a few days!
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  1. Shannon permalink*
    December 23, 2009 10:13 am

    Have you ever tried Lululemon? There’s a store in Buckhead … it’s pretty pricey but I know they have outlet stores. I’m on a quest to find better workout clothes that wick moisture. I’ve never sweat more in my life than I do during hot yoga.

    Also, CONGRATS on losing weight! Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to weight loss. Good for you!

    • Kristen permalink*
      December 23, 2009 10:20 am

      i haven’t been there, but thanks – and thanks for the congrats as well. i meant to mention City Sports in this entry, but lost my train of thought – I’ve yet to visit but have heard it’s good, and the merch looks good online, but not sure about their prices.

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