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kristen’s top 9 of 09

December 27, 2009

A few of my favorite purchases to represent the hundreds (or thousands) of hours (and dollars) spent on shopping this calendar year. Drumroll, please.

1. UGA thermal

$8, TJMaxx

I picked this up last week while Christmas shopping and wore it for at least 36 hours straight (interrupted by a shower, even) during Christmas Eve/Day and Boxing Day. I bought it a little big so I can wash/dry it and still feel cuddly in it. I love thermals and I love Georgia, and I don’t have enough clothing to rep my alma mater.

2. Green Pea Coat


That price includes tax and shipping — the base price of this coat was $5.99. Bought this back in March thanks to a tip from Katie, and it has been frequent in the rotation of coats this year. It’s great for pants and flatters the female shape, a feature pea coats often lack.

3. Bronze bra (not pictured.)

$3.94, Target

I remember the price because Target sale prices are always ending in $0.94. I went on a bra/underwear binge for a month or two when I realized some of the bras at Target actually fit alright and were very cute and affordable. This was the highlight of that stint. My underwear drawer thanks me.

4. Martha Stewart Coral Spray Duvet set

~$50, TJMaxx/Macy’s

I eyed this set for weeks at Macy’s, but knew it would never be mine with a price tag of $200. Then, magically, I found the duvet ($25) and pillow cases ($5 each) at TJMaxx, and shams ($7 each) in the clearance bin at Macy’s. Buying everything separate let me mix and match colors, and I love the set I put together more than Martha’s pre-packaged monochromatic sets. The photo of my bed isn’t great, but I have the duvet in blue, pillowcases in green, and shams in light brown (not on my bed right now). The exact same stuff currently full price at Macy’s was at TJMaxx! Blessing.

5. Yellow assymetrical jacket

$20, Anthropologie

Nothing at Anthro is ever $20, including the hand towels and bobby pins. This jacket isn’t something I’ll wear on the regular because of the style and color, but I love it. What you can’t see in these photos is how amazingly soft and comfortable it is — I kind of want to sleep in it. You can see how a slutty mannequin might wear it, though.

6. Gray glitter-dotted tank

$20, Madewell

This tank makes the list because it personifies a lesson in patience. I wanted this shirt very badly, but resisted because it was $40 (on sale from $50something, but still). A couple days later, I went back and they still had several of the shirts, now marked $20! This, obviously, was God’s way of telling me I NEEDED this shirt. It will make an appearance for NYE2KTEN.

7. Potted plants t-shirt

$6.47, Madewell

More than once I’ve found myself at the Madewell checkout, final purchases in hand, and my total is far less than my personal calculation. “Oh, yea, the sale is an extra 40% off,” I’m told. Brown hair, don’t care. Their t-shirts are soft and sheer and always have interesting details like this one.

8. Black flats

$50, Dillard’s

That price may not look like a deal to you, but the cost-per-wear of these has been phenomenal. I often look to them on work days in the rain because of the patent, and wear them at least once or twice a week regardless of weather. I wore them all over Boston, I wear them with and without socks, I wear them with skirts and jeans. Yet, they show few signs of wear, have never given me a blister, aren’t smelly and are some of the most comfortable kicks in my shoe carrier. They’re by Nurture, a company that makes shoes with real arch support and comfort and also has a few styles that don’t look as if they were specially-made for your grandmother.

9. Black silk tank

$20, Urban Outfitters

Another reward for my exercising restraint was this silk top. Originally $58 or $68, I wanted it the same day I caved and bought a dress for $58, so buying this top at the time was out of the question. About a month later, it had come down to $20. It’s another item I love but don’t wear frequently, making it even more important to get it for a good price.

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