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Katy’s Top 9 of 2009

December 30, 2009

I am hopping on board the bests of 2009 train and showing y’all what I thought were steals this year. I might have cheated juuuuuust slightly in the fact that I lumped some things in to categories, but there are just so many fun things to share from this year. Pay no attention to my shower curtain/carpet/bedspread/counter that I used as my backdrop.

1) I absolutely love this skirt. It’s from Target (as is a lot of what I am about to discuss) and I think I got it for about 12 bucks back in February. It is a heavy fabric, not wool, but something similar in feel, but I wore it in the summer as well. It cinches in at the waist and hits me at my knees and I just adore it, and is a versatile off-white color. This is a work staple for me.

2) These two dresses were both steals and got quite a bit of love over the past year. The reddish one on the left was 15 bucks from Forver21 and I got it in February. I wore it in the winter with tights and a cardigan and wore it in the summer just plain. It’s a taaaad bit short, but whatevs. The one of the left is from Target and I had been eying it for awhile then it finally went on sale for I think less that 20 dollars so I scooped it up. I’ve only had it since November but I’ve worn it a ton. I belt it with a wide black belt and it’s fab.

3) Guess where this is from? If you guessed Target, you win! I had been perusing the Web (mostly during finals) for a fake leather jacket that was inexpensive and cut the way I wanted. I waltzed in to the store one day and BAM there this was and it was ON SALE! It’s cropped to about my waist and is gray, as opposed to black or brown. A guy at a craps table in Vegas thought it was real. Little did he know.

4) This was probably my favorite shirt of the summer. I picked it up at F21 for 6 bucks before I went to ATL in May. It is just a simple flowy white shirt with blue and teal detailing on the edges that ties in the back. I wore it with capris and shorts in the summer, and still wear it now with jeans and flats.

5) I pretty much live in v-neck t-shirts, whatever season it is. They can be cute and casual with jeans or I even find ways to wear them to work. The gray one is from F21 and was 6 bucks and the purple one is from Target and I think was 8. These are just so simple to throw on with a cardigan or jazzed up with a scarf or necklace and you can look put together without putting it too much effort.

6)Let me put a slight disclaimer with this one since my mother actually bought these for me, but they were something like 30 bucks at Target so they were still thrifty. Slouchy gray boots = awesome. I wore these for a whole day walking around in Vegas and had no issues whatsoever. I wear them mostly with leggings and sometimes with my skinny jeans.

7) Speaking of skinny jeans, these are my holy grail jeans. They are Diva jeans from Old Navy. I got these for 25 bucks a pair (they were on sale for 15 this past Saturday) and they are the bet fitting jeans I’ve ever bought. I love the dark wash on the right, but have worn the heck out of the lighter wash on the left since I got them.

8) I got big in to scarves this year…and not even winter ones. I just really like the look of a scarf with a simple top. The two at the top I got at this cute shop in Boston for 20 bucks total when I think each was 30 before the sale. The bottom right was 3 bucks at WetSeal and the left one is from Eastern Market in D.C. that was originally 20 buck I talked down to 7 because I am so convincing.

9) Last but not least are some accessories. I start wearing more earrings and necklaces over the past year for some reason. I find that I like big earrings and big, long necklaces, which aren’t always practical for work or whatever I am doing but I love them. The necklace is a long chain with a cluster of schtuff at the bottom from F21 which was super cheap. The gold earrings I got on sale at Dillars back in June and they look like little Times Square New Year’s balls on my ears which I like. The other two are Vera Wang for Kohls which were dirt cheap right before Christmas and they area great.

An honorable mention that isn’t fashion related is my Urban Decay Book of Shadows. I just really got in to make up in the past year and I have slowly, but surely, begun to accumulate waaaay to much. But this was too good of a deal to pass up. 16 eye shadows, two eyeliners and a primer for 30 bucks (with a discount from Sephora). RIDIC DEAL! I have used them all and love them all and recommend this to anyone who is interested in make up.

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  1. December 30, 2009 9:20 pm

    Love that faux leather jacket and that red dress — great finds! Those boots are pretty fab too!

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