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giving your feet a treat

January 5, 2010
My mom often buys people slippers as gifts because she says no one ever buys themselves slippers, nevermind good ones.

She’s right. I have no recollection of ever purchasing a pair of slippers for myself. Perhaps that’s because of the statement above, and my mother always bought them for me, but let’s continue. I know no matter where you’re reading this from you’re probably cold, because it’s 23 degrees in Atlanta right now. (Even if you’re in Florida and it’s, like, 50, you’re probably cold because you have that thin Florida blood.)

The point is, if you don’t have a good pair of slippers, you may want to invest in a pair, and it doesn’t have to be an extravagant purchase.

A few options (click through the image for more info):

Saw this pair via Katie today, and they’re on sale for $10 from Restoration Hardware. They’re adorable and look like they’d also be very warm. I support the idea of a slipper that encompasses your entire foot, not just the front half.

These are a little more expensive, $25 on sale from $35, and have just enough of a crazy pattern to be great. This style is similar to the pair of boots I’ve spent most of the fall and winter in, which I don’t wear tall, but rather folded over so I can slip them on and off more easily. There’s also this very similar pair at Target for $20, but the moose are replaced with waves…a bit of a dealbreaker for me, honestly.

Here we have the pair that my mother bought me for no good reason a few months ago, but that I’ve worn almost every day since. They’re Simply Vera for Kohl’s, and I don’t know their original price but they’re now $17 new on Ebay. They’re soft inside and out, and have a hard sole so that if I need to go out on the porch or down to the laundry room, I don’t get scared I’m going to ruin them. I’ve actually seen these worn as regular shoes, but I don’t condone it. And, as I said, I like ’em cuffed.

Another pair similar to the ones from RH. These are Dearfoams, which is always a good name in slippers, and they’re on sale for $12.30.

This is more of a summer slipper style — the slipper sock — though this particular pair has a winter flare. They’re good for all seasons, but especially in summer when you don’t need any extra clothing on your body but you don’t want flecks of dirt sticking to your feet if you have hardwoods. $6 at Target, though I think you could easily pay less for this type of style. My mom would say something like “AND THEY’RE MACHINE WASHABLE!” here, so there’s that to consider as well if you plan to wear your slippers a lot and want to keep them clean.

All of the above best paired with a Snuggie (preferably of the UGA variety). Whatever you choose, keep yourself and your feet warm this winter!


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