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an ATL thrift trip

January 12, 2010

With secondhand shopping on the brain and my dear friend Natalie in town for 24 hours, the two of us partook in a favorite shared pastime and got away with a few great finds during a thrifting jaunt this weekend.

Our first stop was at Poor Little Rich Girl in College Park. This was our first time to this store, which is a small boutique in the downtown strip of Luda’s stomping grounds and has some wonderful inventory. I got this flannel shirt for $12, originally marked $18, and put another $3.55 into it with the purchase of new buttons and silver thread with which to sew them on; it was missing one, and I wanted them all to match. I’ve already made the repairs, washed it and worn it. (Jonathan and I were not entirely ready for this photo, but we did alright despite its off-centeredness.) I’ve been waiting for the right buffalo plaid shirt all fall and winter, and finally found it.

One of Nat’s favorite Atlanta spots from the summer we shared in Atlanta is Rag-O-Rama in Little Five Points, so we spent well over an hour there going through everything. We both procured jackets for $16, I got a tam hat for $5, and Nat got a puffer vest. My jacket is a brown leather bomber guy originally from the Gap’s 2001 Holiday collection, according to the tag. It has one imperfection on the shoulder that’s covered by the collar and my hair, and other than that just natural wear that makes it feel like it’s been mine for years. Nat’s is a wool peacoat-esque jacket originally from Forever 21 that falls below the butt and has three-quarter sleeves, a big collar and decorative buttons. Yesterday afternoon it was hovering around 45 degrees: perfect jacket weather. Here we are at our next stop in all our self-timer glory, wearing the jackets we bought twenty minutes prior. Putting your purchase on as you walk out of the store usually means the trip was a success.

Our last stop was at Kudzu in Decatur, one of my favorite places in town. I may only buy one or two things when I go here, but it’s always a wonderful place to browse, search and hunt. The salt and pepper shaker wall alone is worth the trip (I find them adorable — half the wall is pictured below), not to mention the amazing furniture selection, some of which will make you feel like you walked on the set of Blast From The Past! My clutch purchase here was horseshoe bookends identical to these, which I already was planning to buy on Etsy, but got locally for almost the same price! (Mine were $25, but no shipping and instant gratification account for at least $7.) I also got a magnet with a bulldog head on it for $1. Go dawgs.

Total expenses: ~$65
  • buffalo plaid flannel shirt
  • brown leather jacket
  • tam hat
  • horseshoe bookends
  • bulldog magnet

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