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Closet Analytics

January 26, 2010

Part of the inspiration for this blog was my burgeoning interest in the mathematics of my closet. Each day I started noticing how many pieces of my outfit were from Target, calculating a percentage based on number of Target articles vs. number of non-Target articles, and narcissistically reporting it to my social networks. It got me thinking about where I shop, how much I spend on things, how long they last and how often I wear them. If I’m purchasing a lot of inexpensive clothing but not wearing most of it more than once or twice, should I just be investing in more expensive pieces that will hold their shape and hold my attention? I began to wonder if, possibly, there could be some hidden meaning in the numbers behind my two overstuffed closets and dressers. Perhaps I could unlock something in my psyche and shopping habits if I could calculate the efficiency of my closet.

Partially aligned with my friend Kate’s advice over at Get Smart, my plan is to begin cataloguing what I have, where it’s from and how often I wear it. If I find that half my wardrobe was purchased at Target but I’m wearing clothes from Macy’s 75% of the time, then I’ll have discovered some serious inefficiencies hidden behind those shiny white doors.

A lot of mechanics will have to go into this idea that I’ve yet to completely work out or think through. Since most of my time and wardrobe is spent at work, I’ll focus on work/day clothes. Evening/cocktail, weekend/casual and pajamas may be included, but it remains to be seen how cumbersome this cataloguing will be. I did include underwear/undergarments in my previous outfit percentages, so I’ll continue to do so.

I’ve never been one to be fascinated by numbers, but it’s true that they (like hips) don’t lie, and the more time I spend in marketing, the more I enjoy market research and analytics. Turning the calculator on myself and my wardrobe will be a little test of my own behavior metrics.

So, let’s start with Sunday, because yesterday I didn’t get out of my pajamas.

Sunday: 50% of outfit from Target (bra, sweater, underwear). Shoes and jeans from Macy’s. Undershirt from Urban.

A spreadsheet has been made. I’ll let you know what I find. And, we’re off.

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  1. January 26, 2010 4:12 pm

    I love this idea. It’s no secret I’m a huge Target evangelist, and sometimes I wonder how “efficient” my closet is, i.e. do I wear the same pieces over and over? However, I don’t think wearing the same one or two cardigans all the time necessarily qualifies as inefficient if paired with multiple types of outfits. I’m really interested to hear abut your results!

  2. katemparham permalink
    January 31, 2010 10:30 pm

    Just when I think I couldn’t love you any more… this is an AMAZING idea! I can’t wait to see what you find. I’ve wondered myself many a time how economical a shopper I really am, even though I love a great bargain. This is going to be a great experiment. And thanks to my Google Analytics, I found this blog– love it!– which has given me several hits in the past week. Thanks for the shout-out!


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