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The Seven-Day Rule

January 28, 2010

How many times have you been trying on pants in a size you’re aspiring to wear? Maybe they’re a little too tight. But you think, “I need to lose a few pounds anyway, so I’ll just buy these now and be inspired to fit into them.”

Does this thought pop into anyone else’s head? It could be just me, but this happens too often, and it is primarily with jeans.

If so, stop right there and remember how difficult it is to find pants that fit comfortably even when they are the correct size. Even if you do the diet and exercise to fit into them, they still may not feel right. Is that really worth it?

Over the years, after wasting money on clothes I would never wear, I have a new rule: If I wouldn’t walk out of the store right now wearing this, I will not buy it.

Sticking with Kristen’s concept of the ultimate thrift, sometimes not buying something really may be the best option.

Now, I either must wear something within a week of the purchase (with the occasional exception for off-season items) or return it. And I try not to have a mentality of forcing myself to wear it — but rather wearing it because I actually want to.

We all have lapses in judgment. If you buy something and don’t find yourself wanting to wear it right away, you should seriously consider taking it back to the store. Clothes always seem to fit differently when you get them home anyway.

Take away points?

  • Pay attention when you’re shopping. Before heading to the checkout, look at what you’re about to purchase. Is that really something you need and will wear?
  • Don’t be afraid to return clothing if it just doesn’t feel right once you get it home. It might work better for someone else, and your wallet will thank you.
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  1. January 28, 2010 3:31 pm

    I definitely have done this. I still have a pair of jeans from high school that I’m hanging onto until I get back to that weight, although it’s probably next to impossible that I’ll get back into them because I grew three inches since that time.

    I think trying to wear what you buy within a week’s time is great advice. It will definitely stop some of my impulse purchases.

  2. omgitsjpax permalink*
    February 7, 2010 1:12 pm

    So true. I find also that when there’s a tiny thing that bothers me about a pair of jeans or a shirt, it will ALWAYS bother me, and I’ll never wear it.

    I use a seven-day rule for deciding to buy too. If something is a little pricey, I wait and see if I’m still thinking about it a week later. If I am, and money allows, I buy it!


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