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Valentine’s Day from the depths of the closet

February 11, 2010

Oh Valentine’s Day. That day where single people cringe and people in relationships swoon (well, some of them at least). I have been single most Valentine’s Days in my almost 25 year life, but this year, I have a boyfriend — VDay is a mandatory occurrence in seems. Of course I told Eric (the aforementioned significant other) that I’d be content with a nice dinner (chocolates naturally) and then a movie or quiet evening at home. But that wasn’t enough for Eric. On tap for my Saturday night is a trip to the National Symphony Orchestra.

Yikes. A real adult event. Yes, I’m aware that I have actually been an adult for awhile, but something about the words “symphony” and “orchestra” seem so grown up. Now don’t get me wrong — I’m very excited. I actually love classical music and am pretty pumped about the festivities (they are performing songs from Oscar winning scores. Win.). Anywho, I found out about this a month ago and I’m actually on a strict buy-only-what-I-need plan (going…OK so far) so I was trying to avoid not having to purchase a new dress. It was time to dive in to the trusty closet to see what I could produce for this evening.

I have been to the symphony a few times before, once even as recently as high school. My mom and I went to the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and I think I wore black pin stripe pants, a black turtleneck sweater, and these clunky shoes I cringe at just thinking about them. So I decided to go the classy, dress route this time. So here are my final three options. I was going to do the whole take pictures of myself thing…but I’ve been snowed in three of the past seven days so I feel I’m not looking so hot. But here they are.

The first is this lavender-ish dress from H&M that I have had for at least two years and have not worn. No joke. One of the many reasons for my no-buy on clothes. This is quite flattering on me and I like the color with my pale, winter skin.

Next is one of my favorite dresses that I hardly ever get the chance to wear. I bought this at TJ Maxx and wore it to a friend’s wedding a little more than a year ago. I really like the waste band since it sucks me in and I am majorly drawn to purple these days.

Last is probably the front runner. I bought it during the same shopping trip as the above TJ Maxx find. I like the sleeves for winter and it hits me in the right places. The one reason it isn’t a sure thing is because I do not know how I feel about wearing red on Valentine’s Day. Is it a bit to cliche? Who knows?

So here is my call. I know that you have no idea what they look like on me, but I’d like your input as to which you think I should wear. If it helps at all, I will be wearing tights (it’s the Arctic in D.C. these days) and black heels with a black clutch. Jewelry will be dependent on the dress. Which do you think I should wear?

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  1. February 11, 2010 6:35 pm

    I vote 2 or 3. I definitely think it’s a little cliche to wear red on Valentine’s Day, so 2 is the forerunner for me. I wear a lot of purple, so I love that. And I’ve seen photos of you in that one as well. If you have a black wrap you could wear with it, I think that would work perfectly.

  2. Sarah permalink
    February 11, 2010 7:35 pm

    I actually think number 1 looks perfect for the orchestra. It looks a bit more formal and I think it would look great with some black tights. I also really like number 2, but it does seem a bit more “summer-y” to me.

    Hope you have fun!

  3. February 12, 2010 7:46 am

    I vote 1 or 3, but I think I’m leaning toward 1. I remember seeing you in 2, and although it definitely would work, I agree with Sarah — it does look a little more summery. I think 1 would be very pretty and elegant with a back wrap, tights and heels. I do think you can’t go wrong here though. Hope you have lots of fun!

  4. Jenny permalink*
    February 12, 2010 2:38 pm

    3 is a safe choice — but I loooove love love the first one. It doesn’t fall into the cliche red-on-V-Day trend but is still festive. 2 is cute but I don’t think it’s formal enough. I vote 1!

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