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A Thrifty Threads thrifting adventure

March 1, 2010

Although all of us Thrifty Threads ladies went to UGA and worked at the university newspaper together, we’re spread out across the East Coast now. Jenny‘s in New York (and I had the pleasure of thrifting with her a few weeks ago), Katy‘s in Washington, D.C. and Melanie, Kristen and I live in Atlanta.

You might think we three ATL ladies would see each other semi-often, but that’s not the case. Busy schedules, significant others and that notorious Atlanta traffic are all factors in why we don’t hang out more often.

Apparently, it takes a fellow Thrifty Threader visiting Atlanta to get us together. Katy came to Georgia for the weekend for a friend’s bridal shower, and she made some time for lunch and thrifting with Kristen, Melanie and I on Saturday afternoon.

We hit up the Highland Bakery for good eats and mini-cupcakes (and doughnuts!) and then headed to Rag-o-Rama to get our shop on.

Kristen was the only one of us who had been before, and the four of us quickly got our thrifting game on as we gravitated toward the dresses, tees and tanks. (Like Beacon’s Closet, Rag-o-Rama did not separate shoes by size. Is this a common thing in thrift stores? Quite frankly, I find it a little annoying.)

We all got lucky that day; I scored four dresses for the low, low price of $49. (Can you tell I’m ready for spring? I only want to buy dresses.) I’ll let the other ladies show you their prizes, but here’s my loot.

I grabbed that white American Apparel dress-type-thing to wear under the sheer yellow dress, but I lounged around it all day on Sunday and it was extremely comfortable! So pleased with all of my purchases.

I’m sure everyone else will show you what they picked up later this week!

And here’s a sneak peek of Kristen’s epically awesome new shirt:

Hopefully it won’t be too long before we can all go shopping together again!


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