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Shoe Shoppers Beware

March 15, 2010

Ever experienced the excitement of receiving a package in the mail of shiny, new items you purchased online? Or maybe just carrying home a box of new shoes you cannot wait to wear the next day?

Ever experienced the disappointment that comes with the aches and pains those new shoes caused by the end of that first day? And I don’t mean the normal breaking-in-shoes pain. I mean the these-shoes-are cutting-into-my-skin-I-need-Band-Aids pain.

Unlike some women (including Shannon), I cannot shop for shoes online. As much as I’d like to have unlimited choices and great discount options, it is not worthwhile for me.

My shoe size can range from 7 to 8.5 depending on brand, style and fit. So unfortunately I’m not able to take advantage of DSW’s online discounts or 6pm’s daily deals.

I have such trouble finding a comfortable fit that sometimes even trying them on in the store is no guarantee they’ll be a good match by the time I get home.

I’ve purchased many a pair in-store only to get them home, remove tags, wear them for a full day and realize they don’t work. Either they ended up being too tight, rubbing or were just plain uncomfortable.

Comfortable shoes are a must for me. I won’t feel confident and ready to face the day if I can barely walk because my lower body is under so much strain.

After much wasted money on these misfit shoes (I ended up giving them to friends, selling them to Plato’s Closet or donating them), I’ve come up with a few rules for those of us with fickle foot syndrome:

  1. Don’t buy online. Just don’t. I can’t try them on, and mostly likely I’ll end up wasting money. Even if I can exchange them, I’ll end up spending more on shipping costs, and this defeats the ease of online shopping. Plus, they still may not feel right in a different size.
  2. When in doubt go up a size. The last thing I want is my feet to feel squeezed into a shoe that is half a size too small by the end of the work day. To me, shoes always seem to shrink over time.
  3. If there is a crease, fold or embellishment that slightly rubs in the store, just imagine how painful that will be after walking around all day. Just as shoes seem to shrink, annoyance seems to grow.

I know I’m not alone in my difficulties to find comfortable shoes, but sometimes, I really just wish I could shop for them at home in my pajamas.

Anyone have some interesting shoe buying/fitting stories?

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  1. March 15, 2010 1:17 pm

    I can’t buy shoes online either. I’m either a 7.5-8 depending on brand and style, and I also have very narrow feet, so I have to take that into consideration.

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