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An Open Letter to Women Everywhere

March 29, 2010

I know the fashion industry has been screwing with women’s clothing sizes for decades. But that is no excuse for you to be wearing jeans that are too small or a shirt with buttons straining to close.

I know many women are constantly “dieting” or are on a mission to lose those last 10 pounds, but here’s a secret: Buy clothes that fit. No one knows what size your jeans are except you. No one knows if your shirt is an extra-small, small, medium, large or extra-large. And if you’re buying too-small clothes because you’re too proud to wear the next size up, you’re easily (and, I’m guessing, unintentionally) adding pounds to your frame.

Who wears a size XXS? Certainly not me.

Wearing clothes that fit properly is the easiest weight-loss advice I can give you. Plus, let’s be real. If your jeans are too tight in the dressing room, you’re probably never going to wear them anyway. And I don’t know about you, but I like to actually wear the clothes I buy, otherwise it’s just a waste of money. (That’s my thrifty angle for the day.)

Maybe you’re thinking, Shannon, I always buy the proper size. I don’t care what it is. Well, then I’d say, I’m glad. But many women get upset when they have to go up a size, even if they haven’t gained any weight. The fashion industry is just annoying like that. I have dresses from Forever 21 in sizes small, medium and large. Every single one fits me. What’s up with that?

When I was in high school, I often had to buy shirts in a size larger than I would have liked because I had, ahem, slightly broad shoulders. (I was a swimmer, OK?) They’ve slimmed down a bit in the last five years (can shoulders “slim down?”), but back then, no one knew — or, for that matter, cared — what size I wore.

Even today, I sometimes have to buy pants in a larger size to accommodate the junk in my trunk. (Was that TMI? Sorry, Mom.) But seriously. My point remains. (That’s why tailors exist. They can take your pants in at the waist so you’ll still have room for your booty.)

So. What set this rant off? At a brewery in Hampton, Ga. over the weekend, I saw a lovely, thin girl wearing too-tight jeans and a shirt at least two sizes too small. The unfortunate effect? Some unseemly love handles, which the poor girl really didn’t have, peeked over her tiny jeans.

Can I get some coffee with that muffin top?

Why, why, why?

Are we really that vain? If you don’t like the size of your clothes, cut out the tags. Seriously. No one cares what size your dress is except for you.

I subscribe to the belief that if you look good, you feel good. Like my idol, Tina Fey, said, “Confidence is 10 percent hard work and 90 percent delusion.” Frankly, I think a lot of that delusion starts with what you’re wearing. Think about how you feel lounging around wearing sweats. Comfy, sure. But would you really feel take-charge and kick-ass at work in those clothes? Probably not.

So when you’re in the dressing room and debating between the size 8 jeans and the size 10 ones, acknowledge if the size 8 pair really fits, or if you just don’t want to buy double-digits. If it’s the latter, I promise you, no one will know. You’ll be a lot more comfortable, and you’ll also be less likely to wind up tagged as “muffintop” on Flickr (see above photo).

Fittingly yours,

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  1. Laura permalink
    March 30, 2010 9:56 am


    I was once having lunch with a friend in college when a woman walked in wearing a similar ensemble to that which you saw this past weekend, although she was, unfortunately, NOT thin. Not only were her clothes too small, but she was also wearing stilettoes that she couldn’t balance on, mainly because they, too, were too small. Who buys shoes too small?? Watching her walk was painful, albeit moderately entertaining.

  2. omgitsjpax permalink*
    March 30, 2010 8:13 pm

    Every time I go shopping, I have to go back to the fitting room after the first round. Why? I refuse to believe that I am the size I actually am.

    I’ll go through the rack, and I think, “OK, I’m an 8 now. But that 8 looks huge! No way. I’m a 6, for sure.” I try on the 6s (and sometimes, God forbid, 4s) and they’re ALWAYS too tight. Why do I do this!? I AM A SIZE 8. It’s not that I’m embarrassed about not being a 6 anymore, it’s just that smaller clothes tend to look cuter. It’s why the XS and 00s are always displayed first in stores. They’re cuter.

    I also will buy a miniature doll size every now and then and say, “I’ll wear this when I lose weight, I’m bound to fluctuate!” Yeah, those shirts still have the tags on them.


  3. anne permalink
    April 9, 2010 11:14 am

    I love this entry! I agree so much– nobody should purchase things that don’t fit well! What a waste of money!


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