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His and Hers

April 19, 2010

Before freshman year of college, I hadn’t shared a bedroom since the first few months after my brother was born — I was three. Even sharing living/sleeping quarters in the dorm, my roommate and I had separate closet cubbies.

When my boyfriend and I moved into our new apartment on Saturday, we also moved all of our clothing into one closet.

For anyone who has ever been in a successful relationship of any kind, you already know compromise is the name of the game. Ladies, we have to remember that the men in our lives also need room to store their clothes and shoes. And men, it’s helpful if you’re understanding that we may have more items that need to be stored.

Following a quick Google search, I came across this article about sharing a closet. Although parts of it seem obvious and a bit cheesy, there are some good takeaway points from it. For example, decide how much room you each need and define sections where each person can organize as they choose.

Luckily in our case, we have a large walk-in closet and were able to divide up the space fairly easily. The boyfriend has the upper rack (since I can barely reach that high), and I took the lower. I  have a lot of dresses that require the tall hanging area, and we split up the shelves pretty evenly.

We each have a dresser (not pictured), and I have some more shoe shelves in a would-be vanity area in the adjoining bathroom.

My message to anyone sharing a closet is this: Be considerate of the other person’s space and belongings. After all, you want both of you to look good when you go out, so share the love with your clothes.

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  1. April 20, 2010 7:55 am

    I fully admit to being the most selfish person ever when it comes to my closet. I feel like this is going to a problem when and if I ever co-habitate with someone. I need space for my shoes. End of story. 😉

    That aside, I’m impressed with how quickly you guys put your closet together! Looks good!

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