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I bet you just can’t keep up with these fashionistas

April 22, 2010

This is my friend Bryan. For men’s week at Thrifty Threads, I decided to ask my most style-minded male friend a few questions about shopping as a modern, straight twentysomething guy. (I know this picture isn’t the most flattering of us both, but it pretty much describes what we’re all about. It was Halloween, obviously.) Bryan and I have been friends for a while, but didn’t really bond until we first went shopping together. He will tell you if something looks skanky, terrible or amazing, or if you should totally buy it even if it’s way overpriced.

Bryan started a group called Look Good Thursday (also on Twitter), in which the mission statement is as follows: “On every Look Good Thursday we all look good, REAL good. We’re talking better than most days, and those days aren’t too shabby for us. Maybe you’ll recognize one of us, we’ll be the good-looking ones out looking especially good one day a week.”

Basically, we don’t mess around. Here are some of his thoughts on getting dressed.  

Q: Do you ever feel shortchanged by the fact that most stores in the mall are geared toward women’s clothes?

A: Absolutely. The only stores that I find that focus exclusively on men sell formalwear. It feels like lost potential.  Who knows what kinds of creative stuff I could find if it didn’t all seem to just go into women’s clothing? When only the most famous and eccentric designers are coming up with new styles for men, we’re left the same old boring stuff or whatever totally crazy runway outfits they dreamt up.
Q:  In regards to the stores that have embraced mens clothing — i.e. Express, H&M — do you feel you are offered as much variety as women?

A: Definitely not, but I can’t deny that there is a lot more variety in what a woman can wear. I’d love to see more variety from the same designers that make the clothes in some stores, but men’s sections tend to be small and that space is taken up by every brand’s jean wall, khakis, solid-color dress shirts, logo polos, and maybe a matching three-piece suit.  There’s usually very little space left over for any men’s accessories or for their own.
Q: What are you thinking about when you get dressed each morning? What inspires you to look good?

A:  I think that I will absolutely not be one of the average college student wearing boring tennis shoes, poorly-fitting boring jeans, and a boring color polo with an advertisement on the chest.  Frankly, I know I can do better than that, and I would feel a little bad if I didn’t.  Having girls think that you look good never hurts either.
Q: What outfit should every guy in his early 20s own? (i.e. a staple, go-to, bam garment)

A: Every guy needs a casual, lightweight button-down shirt. Something that works even when it’s wrinkled, the collar has a mind of it’s own, and the sleeves were rolled up in two seconds. Wearing a button-down that’s too flat and formal can make a casual outfit just look confusing, but something casual can really work in almost every situation. With decent jeans and the right undershirt, it makes for an everyday outfit that looks like someone got paid to put it together. It can even work for some fancier pants with just a little extra, like a jacket over top or a sweater vest. It’s a way for a guy to look better without just trying to look more formal.

Casual button-downs will get you women, much to the chagrin of polo-wearers.

Here’s my two cents on men’s fashion these days: personally, I feel most guys in their 20s have become incredibly lazy when it comes to getting dressed (note: if you’re reading this, this probably does not apply to you). I know that’s a big fish to throw out there. But I feel it takes just as much effort to go buy those polos as it would to buy something fitted, original and classy. (And no, this does not make you gay, for God’s sake.) I look at pictures of my Dad when he was dating my Mom, along with all of their friends, and damn, they knew how to dress. What happened, guys?

Cary Grant, lookin' good on a Thursday, I bet it was.


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  1. April 22, 2010 8:30 pm

    That first picture is CLASSIC.

    I’m so glad there’s at least one straight guy out there who gets it. It’s really not difficult to put more effort into your outfit than a simple polo and ratty jeans. The fashion industry generally ignores men’s clothing, making it easy for them to get away with being lazy.


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