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Quick tip for men: Fitting frenzy

April 30, 2010

I was trying to think up a quick tip for men’s week and I found it to be slightly difficult. I suppose men don’t use tinted moisturizer or olive oil hair treatments (or do they? Who knows.) So I reminisced back to Shannon’s post from awhile back and it got me thinking.

Just as if fit is key for women, fit is also vital in a man’s fashion life. Have you ever seen a guy in shirt that is too big so he looks like he is swimming in it? What about the guy in the too-tight polo who looks like he is bursting out of his shirt?

I don’t quite get how men think about the way they look in clothes. Some tell me that they buy clothes that are too big for them because they think small clothes make them look small (again, I don’t know).  Others wear clothes that are too small for them because they think it makes them look bigger. I don’t really understand the male psyche, but then again, they don’t understand women half the time anyway.

This is sort of a no brainer, but wearing clothes that fit you properly will really make you look your best, whether you want to look bigger or smaller. Trust me, the ladies (or potential ladies) in your life will thank you for it.

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