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Man Deals

May 4, 2010

I know it’s not men’s week(s), but think of this is an effort to get some mens topics going on a regular basis.

First of all, I want to get it out of the way that I think we unfairly expect less of men and let them get away with things, simply because they, as a gender, are less interested in fashion than women are. It’s true that they are, on the whole, less interested in and concerned about these things. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t expect them to put in effort. And men, being interested in your clothing choices isn’t the same as being gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

That said, I am lucky enough to have a boyfriend who does put in effort. I will spare you any gratuitous gushing and get right to the point here. He’s a man who loves a deal, so I’ll go through a few of his favorite haunts. Men, you are practical beings, so while I know you may not love to spend hours at the mall (honestly, I don’t either), I do you know you’d save some money if you put up with a little more shopping to get your looks at lower prices.

Nordstrom Rack. Whenever we find ourselves in the northern Atlanta ‘burbs, a visit to Nordstrom Rack (and Zaxby’s) is a must. A long-awaited Buckhead location opened last week, but for the past several years the Mall of Georgia location was our only option. The Rack certainly offers more for women, but also carries a lot of great mens brands (Polo, Penguin, Ben Sherman, Seven, Lucky) that there’s really no reason to ever pay full price for, because they always show up in discount stores.

Marshall’s. Another member of the discount store circuit, though it’s not as low-end as it used to be, and is great for casual purchases. A favorite Braves hat, polo shirts and some Russell Athletic gear with Georgia Tech logos (sick, I know) all have come from this old faithful.

Taking to the online forum, Bluefly used to get more play, but seems to have fizzled. For me, it’s the kind of place you think of if you’re really scouring for something specific, but isn’t one of my favorites for more aimless online shopping, though perhaps it should be.

This is brand-specific, but a great place for athletic footwear is Joe’s New Balance Outlet. This place is great for athletic and stylish needs, as New Balance has mastered both these realms of casual footwear.

Another Atlanta-specific place, though they exist in other cities, is the K&G Men’s Store off Howell Mill. This place is great for suits and other dress needs, and I think is where all of Jonathan’s suits have been purchased. They’re running obnoxious commercials right now on TV, so try to get past those and go get a good deal.

Lastly, the all-knowing deal aggregate for everything you could ever want for cheap on the Internet (or in stores), is Slickdeals. (I just took a break from writing this to go see what’s on there right now, as I haven’t checked in about a week.) Slickdeals is comprised mostly of user-submitted content and covers clothing, shoes, electronics, home goods, and every other category of anything tangible you can sell legally.

Places he does not go, nor should you: Ed Hardy store. That is all. (Not even gonna link it for you.)

Now, I am a woman, and I just wrote that, so I’m certain I overlooked some great places for man-deals…what did I miss?

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  1. May 5, 2010 12:18 am

    For me, it’s always the Old Navy clearance rack. They have stuff in every size at extremely affordable prices. A guy can always find something there. With their recent 30% off sale, the clearance prices were unreal. I got a cool t-shirt for $4, and I could’ve got more if I’d had more money. There’s my two cents on the subject.

    • May 5, 2010 9:14 am

      YES! I wandered into Old Navy to get a swimsuit the other day and ended up spending $100. BUT my total would have been $143 without that 30 percent off deal. Fantastic, fantastic deal.

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