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Hi. I’m not here but my shoes are, so leave them a message.

May 17, 2010

It’s no secret that I love shoes. Heels, wedges, flats, sandals, boots … all have a special place in my closet and I rotate between different styles quite frequently. (Case in point: One of my coworkers was randomly asked if she was taller than me and she had no idea because I habitually tower 4 or 5 inches higher than my actual height.)

Two summers ago, I was obsessed with Isaac Mizrahi’s “Liz” gladiator sandal for Target. I wore my precious pair all. the. time. I walked all over New York City in them. I bought a second pair online and had them delivered to my apartment at UGA so I would have a new (non-holey) pair upon my return. I was bereft when I finally had to throw the second pair away. (RIP. They were so loved.)

So imagine my surprise when my I saw my youngest sister sporting a pair of gladiator sandals eerily similar to my beloved Isaac Mizrahis. (Don’t let that dull photo fool you; the straps look exactly the same on both pairs of shoes.) Even better … the soles aren’t the flimsy cardboard in the Mizrahis — they’re a bit sturdier and will hopefully hold up a little bit better. (The source? Target’s Merona line. Love.)

Of course, I couldn’t immediately purchase a pair for myself because of that whole Shop Block business (ahem), but as soon as that insanity was over, I typed my VISA card number into faster than you can say, well, “shop block.”

I also may have purchased a few other pairs of shoes … but I swear I’m done for the summer now. I think.

This summer, I’m all about wedges and, of course, the aforementioned gladiator sandal.

I like wedges in particular because I think they’re a bit more appropriate with dresses and skirts for the office. Shorter hemlines can be a little office-inappropriate with heels, but wedges feel much more summery and “grounding,” if that makes sense.

WedgesFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore
SandalsFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

My two main pairs of wedges for the summer are from Cynthia Vincent’s amazing line for Target. I bought the print wedge sandals and the gladiator wedge sandals. Neither pair was originally available online (the gladiator ones are now, though), and they sold out in stores pretty quickly after the release. (I may have purchased my pairs on eBay. I also may have a problem. Admitting it is the first step, yes?)

Are any of you gravitating toward a particular style this summer? (Sidenote: How is May more than halfway over? I’m getting old.) What’s your go-to pair?

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  1. May 17, 2010 6:30 pm

    I need to get myself a pair of wedges don’t i? x

  2. camalbe permalink
    May 17, 2010 7:14 pm

    Well, if I wasn’t going to Colorado (I just dropped $120 on trail running shoes at REI – outdoor gear is EXPENSIVE btdubs), I would totally be into wedges. I already have two pair (which you’ve already seen Shan) but I can’t seem to get enough of them! Not only are they comfortable, but they’re also adaptable to trends – ie the strappy, gladiator-like wedge.

    • May 17, 2010 9:59 pm

      Right! They’re actually not difficult to walk in, contrary to what all my coworkers seem to believe. And I’m sure $120 is worth it for how often you’ll be wearing those trail running shoes!

  3. Lauren permalink
    May 17, 2010 7:42 pm

    i have the liz sandals in silver! i think i paid a mere $6 for them.

    they’re falling apart, but i love them so.

    • May 17, 2010 10:00 pm

      Mine completely fell apart beyond wearability, or I’m pretty sure I’d still be wearing them. Greatest sandals I ever owned, hands down.

  4. May 17, 2010 9:56 pm

    I was devastated when the liz sandals fell apart last summer! Even worse, I was out running errands at the time, so I had to hobble to my nearest shoe store and buy a replacement pair.


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