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Just another secret

June 6, 2010

So, my apologies for not updating on my usual Monday. It was Memorial Day, and I guess I took a little holiday from Thrifty Threads as well. And then I had to go out of town for a few days for work. I suppose I could have scheduled a post, but I wasn’t thinking that far in advance.

Anywayyyy … guess what event is going on right now, as I type?

If you guessed the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale, you would be correct!

Now, among other things, VS is known for its pretty awesome bras. But honestly, who really wants to pay $60 or $80 for a single bra? Not me. I know that a good bra is slimming and creates a good foundation for our clothes, but $60 or $70 is a lot to shell out. That’s why the Semi-Annual Sale is so exciting. The VS bras are between 25 and 40 percent cheaper, which is a good chunk of change to save.

When I visited Victoria’s Secret’s Lenox Square Mall location a month or so ago, I did the whole sizing thing (women should get measured at least once a year because our weights fluctuate so much), promptly figured out which styles I preferred and which ones fit me best, and then walked out of the store, forgetting the information entirely. Luckily, VS was kind enough to e-mail (spam?) my inbox and alerted me last week to this huge sale, so I dug up the little card the salesperson gave me with the ideal bras for my shape and size and ordered a few online.

I’m definitely pleased with my purchases, and since I ordered more than $100, I scored free shipping, too. I know many women might be wary to order clothes online (especially essentials such as bras), but if you visit the store and try on a few different styles, and then make a note of your favorites, ordering online can make sense — plus you can avoid the crowds in the store during the actual sale.

If you’re wearing underthings from Target or Kohls or H&M (those suckers sell some crazy inexpensive bras), I would definitely recommend giving VS, or another nicer retailer, a shot. Their sales are so fantastic, it’s almost not worth it to ignore it. The right bra really can make all the difference in how your other thrifty threads fit your body.

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