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It’s The Journey

June 17, 2010

Since I posted about apartment decorations before I moved in, I thought I should update how things have turned out. I know you haven’t been able to sleep at night wondering which color palette I decided on.

And the winner is …

It’s been two months since the big move, and I’m really pleased with how it all has come together. During the first month, I painted one wall gray. I’ve gradually added decorations, some candles and mirrors. And a couple weeks ago, we finally got curtains!

Furnishing and decorating even a small apartment is no small (or cheap) feat. Sometimes a little bit at a time is the best way to go so to spread the cost between a few paychecks and make small changes along the way. The living room is our one room that is actually finished at this point. Last weekend we were lucky enough to acquire a living room table from a friend who is about to move. It’s a lovely color (which you can see here), but it doesn’t match the living room décor (which is basically in the same room). So eventually I’m going to paint the teal parts of it black.

The result of the living room:

Major furniture: Rooms To Go
Faux tree: Michael’s
Circle mirrors: Target
Curtains: Target
Bookshelf in foreground: Bought on Craigslist
Chimes on gray wall: Made with shells and palm wood found on beach

My color scheme doesn’t exactly match my original ideas, but it is close to the first. I’m definitely happy with the result. Cozy, yet stylish. I’m happy to be home!


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