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Let’s get physical!

July 5, 2010

Melanie, Kristen and I participated in the 41st AJC Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta bright and early on Sunday morning. It was Kristen and Melanie’s second Peachtree, and my first. (I just looked up our official times and Melanie and I finished together with the same time, and Kristen was exactly 1 second behind.) Unfortunately, though, the three of us couldn’t meet up due to scheduling starting time conflicts.

Of course, after Kristen’s post last week, Melanie and I were inspired to wear some creative attire for the race. We asked around for some ideas, but eventually decided to go with a retro, ’80s theme. We searched for some neon shorts and tanks, and donned matching pink sweatbands, gray wristbands and tall white socks.

Apologies for the Blackberry photos. We had epic plans to take some pics of the full outfits, and I even ran with my camera in my pseudo-fanny pack, but we were pretty focused on not dying for the 6.2-mile trek through Buckhead and Midtown. And then when we finished, we were more interested in our Powerades and granola bars as we walked to the conveniently parked car.

Although I decided to run the race last-minute and certainly wasn’t too prepared (but nor am I out of shape), I’m glad I participated in the race. I need to start running more anyway, and it was a fun way to say farewell to ATL and was yet another opportunity to hang out with Melanie. (Plus, she didn’t have to run it alone. Thanks again for coming back to my starting corral!)

We certainly weren’t the wackiest-dressed racers, but we had fun hunting for tall socks and scrunchies (yes, we wore scrunchies) in 2010. Plus, those wristbands were pretty useful for wiping sweat from our eyes. Why don’t more people wear them anymore?

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  1. Katy permalink*
    July 5, 2010 9:45 pm

    Congrats y’all! I totally wish I could’ve run too (maybe if I ever am back in ATL…and able to run more than four miles). I feel like you were practical and fashionable with your choices. You looked cute, yet it didn’t impede your running. Brava.

    • July 6, 2010 12:05 pm

      Thanks! That’s exactly what we were going for – something that wouldn’t hinder our running but was still kind of fun and wacky. It was definitely a fun race; I’m glad I did it!


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