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Stash Shopping: Day 1

July 12, 2010

Trying out my WordPress app on my phone so lets see how this works out.

I didn’t know if I was going to count today in my experiment because it is my day off (I work a weird schedule due to school), but I was eager to begin so I decided why not?


(Classy cell phone shot. Go Droid!)

I bought this grey dress a year ago from Forever 21 and probably should have returned it. It is slighty too small and shows a bit too much of the girls, but the back has this criss cross detail I like so I decided I could somehow make it work. That being said, I have worn it once.

Due to its low cut nature and the fact all I was doing today was running errands, I chose another long forgotten item to layer under the dress so I wasn’t skanking it out in Target. This tank is actually from WalMart and I think I bought it my freshman year to wear to football games. It is still in pretty good condition considering.

I actually like the end result. It is comfy and casual for a summer day off. The black flip flops are from Target (worn way too much) and the black and white necklace is from Portobello Road in London (also worn way too much).

So far, I am liking my experiment. I already have tomorrow’s work outfit picked out so stay tuned.

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