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Stash Shopping: Day Two

July 13, 2010

Another day, another photo courtesy of my hall mirror and my Droid.

Let me first begin with the skirt. The skirt was actually the piece that inspired me to do this whole experiment. I was packing for my trip to Philly last weekend, and, while in my closet, I noticed this skirt. I thought it was too short to wear to work and too nice to wear out to a bar or something, so I just never wore it. I got this for five dollars during an Express sale … in high school. Yep, you heard me. High school. Since I probably have worn in only two or three times since then (no joke), it’s hanging in there pretty well. I tried it on the other day and voila — it isn’t as short as I had thought. So that there alone made me wonder about all the other notions I had about items hanging in my closet and thus, the stash shopping extravaganza.

My office isn’t super uptight about work wear, at least where women are concern. We are suppose to dress nice, but I could probably get away with dress pants and a dressy t-shirt if I felt the need. I, however, like taking the chance to dress up. I do it mainly for myself, because I like to see what combos I can create from my closet. But back to the outfit…

The skirt itself isn’t all the dressy, so I added this floral top (from Forever 21 of course, which will be a frequent occurrence) and a white braided belt (also F21, I have issues). These aren’t as neglected as the skirt, but I enjoyed the tight skirt v. flowy shirt thing. The black flats are quite worn (from Target) and I really need some new ones, but alas, not really in the forecast at the moment. Also pictured is my beloved clover necklace from Heidi Klum’s line of jewelry for QVC (yes, you read that right). I got it for Christmas a few years back and, as much as I love it, I do not wear it enough. So I figured, why not today?

Two days down, three to go. I might throw in a twist tomorrow, so stay tuned.


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