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Stash Shopping: Day 3 (Part 2) and Day 4

July 15, 2010

So the big twist was the fact that I actually have TWO outfits from Wednesday to share. I work some of the weirdest hours in the world, and Wednesdays I actually get done in time to do stuff, so last night, it was dinner with the BF.

After three days of rain, it was back to being hot and humid in D.C. yesterday. I decided to break out the jean shorts (not in a Gator-tastic way, of course). I have two pairs of linen shorts, black and navy, but I love jean shorts because they are cute and casual. These are from Target from sometime I cannot recall.

But the shirt is the star. It’s actually longer than the shorts, so I tucked it in to the pocket to make sure people knew I did indeed have pants on. This is also from Charlotte Russe (most likely bought in the same shopping trip as yesterday’s work top). I always thing this is so cute hanging up in my closet, but never reach for it. I have worn it to work in the past, but I think it is way cuter with jeans or leggings. Purple is my second favorite color after red, so that is another reason I was drawn to it. And y’all know I have a thing for belted waists…

The necklace is a little bow necklace from F21 and the earrings (if you can even see them behind my hair) are gold balls gifted from my mother. The shows, Charlotte Russe again. We a five dollar find to go with a New Years outfit a few years back. They are comfortable to walk in, yet I don’t seem to wear them that often either.

Thursday photo = new mirror! Hooray! You also get to see part of my intense photo-taking face. Maybe next time I will wave. This is a sneak peak at my bathroom and bedroom for those who are wondering.

This top is another WalMart find from college. I think I actually wore this to my 22nd birthday party, but that night was a blur so don’t hold me to it. It’s actually two sizes to big for me. I saw it at the store and it was like 8 bucks so I figured I could still find someway to work it out. However, it does just sit in my closet untouched because I don’t have the creativity sometimes. In the past, I have taken this same approach where I just tuck it in to a high-waisted skirt (this black number is from Target. Shocker). I have also worn it with dress pants and a belt. Black and white is always a classic combination and that plus the pin tuck details on the front are what drew me to this top in the first place.

I couldn’t get the shoes in but they are black patent Mary Jane pumps from Target as well. They are actually some of my more comfortable heels. I have traipsed around D.C. in them and not had issues, and Lord knows that I don’t wear heels when I go out very often. They are very work appropriate shoes.

So only one more day left in my closet challenge. I keep wanting to grab for my favorite pieces, so this is already a good experiment in breaking me from my habits.

Do you have any fashion habits you can’t (or maybe don’t want to) break?

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