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A stitch and time saves a dime

August 5, 2010

Ever had a button pop off just as your getting dressed? Maybe your favorite pair of shorts are coming un-hemmed? Or perhaps the underwire in bra decided to make an appearance, stabbing you in the side?

Well, it seems all of these have been happening to me lately. Just because something begins to fall apart doesn’t mean you need to throw it out and buy new.

I’m no seamstress. I wouldn’t even attempt to sew something from scratch. BUT anyone can fix a loose hem or sew on a button. Seriously.

There are “How To” articles and videos all over the Web to help you out.

Don’t have a sewing machine? Neither do I. Most general stores have hand sewing kits for cheap. Mine came from Target, and for $2.5o I got 12 spools with different colors of thread, three needles and a needle threader. Not bad!

It takes a little time to do it right, but it’s a perfect activity to complete while watching TV.

So no more excuses about shopping for new pants because the hem has fallen out or a new button-up top because you’re missing three buttons. (You can also find sets of buttons for cheap.) Now just try not to poke yourself with the needle like I always do!

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  1. August 5, 2010 6:38 pm

    This will probably come as no surprise, but I am the least-talented person ever when it comes to fixing my clothes. I’m pretty sure I learned how to sew a button on something back in middle school home ec, and then promptly forgot everything when I got to high school. I really should learn, but so far, I’m just extremely careful with my clothes and, if I have to, beg family members to fix things for me when a pair of scissors just won’t do.


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