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Curing my fashion blues

August 12, 2010

Well, I’m officially no longer uninspired. Unfortunately, though, I’m more excited about fall than ever before — and so ready for summer to be over.

I spent the weekend with friends and family in Baltimore, Md., eating fresh crabs and way too much Nutella. I also took the opportunity to catch up on my (fashion) reading during the bus ride down the East Coast. I cracked open the latest issues of Lucky Magazine and Marie Claire, and finally, finally, my fashion blues were cured. I’m loving the looks for this upcoming fall, especially riding boots, trench coats, leopard print, wedge boots, dark purple and black and all things lace.

I also took advantage of Maryland’s tax-free weekend and scooped up some awesome items. (My bank account is still crying. And I won’t be doing a major shop like that again for awhile — at least, not until it’s truly boot season.)

Apologies for the iPhone photos. I did make an effort and edit them for you guys, though.

I’m really wishing I could have bought that white shirt from H&M in every color … it’s so comfortable! (As is that basic navy cardigan.) And apparently I can never have too many little black dresses. However, I did succeed in buying a few more tops, which is always a shopping mission of mine, since I (obviously) focus way too much on dresses. (I’ve had that beige top from Modcloth for a few weeks but figured I’d show it off to balance out my photos.)

Basically, I think I’m in a good place for the upcoming season. There are some essentials I’ll need to navigate my first New York winter (i.e. rubber-soled boots and thicker tights), but I’m hoping to score those things on sale after it starts getting a bit chillier. And right now, I’m looking forward to basking in some milder temperatures in Los Angeles this upcoming weekend. (Thank God for dry heat!)

Are you already looking ahead to fall fashion?


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