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Just because the weather is stale, it doesn’t mean your wardrobe should be

August 12, 2010

Late summer is upon us. The days are already getting shorter. I find myself staying inside because I’m over the constant heat – just ready for some cooler weather. This week, Shannon wrote about being in a fashion rut. It’s difficult not to be this late in the season.

My suggestion?

While hiding out in the A/C at home, go through your closet. We’ve said it here before, but shop your stash. Chances are, you have lots of cute clothes available. Maybe they’ve started to seem stale – try to re-purpose them.

I have a tendency to wear the same combinations time after time. Once I find something that works, it’s easy to get into a rut.

I try to look for pieces (whether in my closet, or while shopping) that can be worn several different ways. The definition of classic pieces.

This is Shannon's reversible floral dress. She wore it one way, I wore it another.

Dresses can be transformed into skirts (& made work-appropriate) by adding a matching top.

That’s my plan for now to keep my wardrobe interesting: re-working what I have, pairing pieces that I don’t normally wear together.

What are some other ways you’ve found to keep your wardrobe from feeling stale?

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  1. August 12, 2010 1:52 pm

    That reversible dress was definitely one of my best purchases this summer. Although come to think of it … I may have given it to my sister. I don’t remember seeing it in my closet recently. I have issues.

    This heat seriously needs to end so I can get back to wearing normal clothes. Lately, I just sit around working in my gym clothes and don’t bother to look nice unless I’m going someplace other than the gym.

    By the way, wearing dresses as skirts is an awesome tip for getting more use out of certain items! But seriously, until the heat breaks, sundresses and sandals are the way to go. I think I’ve blow-dried my hair once since May.

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