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Right on target

August 22, 2010

This weekend was one of those rare gifts when I didn’t have anything planned in particular, so today I decided to check out the Target in East Harlem, which had its grand opening on July 25th.

It’s only five subway stops uptown from my apartment plus about a 12- minute walk to the store. So, off I went to Harlem, leaving my Upper East Side Coldwater Creeks and Banana Republics behind me.

I always feel the same way when I suddenly find myself in Harlem, whether it’s east, west, or El Barrio — “Toto, we’re not in the Upper East Side anymore.” On my walk from Lexington to the east side, I passed a gentleman urinating on the sidewalk in broad daylight (for the record: I love Harlem, but certain streets … just sayin’). I kept telling myself it would be worth it once I saw that familiar glowing red logo.

Soon enough, I hit Pleasant Avenue and was delighted to see an enormous, bright building with giddy shoppers everywhere. As it turns out, the building is also home to Marshall’s, Costco, and Old Navy, so it’s a madhouse on the weekends.

The Target itself is very nice — much bigger than the one I call “home” in Georgia, complete with a Starbucks, Pizza Hut (don’t we all end up hitting the Hut from time to time? Nope, just me? Cool), photo center, and relatively clean restrooms.

It is so, so nice in this city to find places that sell reasonably priced grocery items. I can’t tell you how much it still burns to pay $7 for sliced cheese or $6 for Honey Nut Cheerios at my local Gristedes or whatever. Very refreshing to see normal prices — and of course, that clearance rack in women’s clothes gets me every time.

Take me home, Target

I spent a little over an hour walking around, basking in the presence of red clearance signs. Sometimes just to be around them is fulfilling enough. I walked out with a bag full of goodies — I had to seriously talk myself out of buying slippers, an adorable pair of Mary Janes, and a lacy shirt that would’ve been work-inappropriate anyway.

Denim dress, $19.99, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, $7.50, Venus Disposables, $8.54, Dollar Days Bric-a-brac, $3

A happy shopper (damn, my Leo-Kate magazine cover is totally visible)

I’m moving to Brooklyn in September, and I just found out there’s a Target there too at Atlantic Avenue, two stops away from where I’ll be living. Hurrah!

As far as discount department stores go, Kohl’s will always hold the number one place in my heart (too many memories), but Target is a very close runner-up. Very close.

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  1. Katy permalink*
    August 22, 2010 6:18 pm

    Totally almost bought that dress today at the Target near me. That being said, it looks super cute on you and now I want it. kthnxbye.

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