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Happy Halloween!

November 1, 2010

Happy (belated) Halloween! We New York-based Thrifty Threads ladies kept it (fairly) simple for the holiday. Jenny and her new roommates had a Halloween/housewarming party, and most people obliged and came in costume. I figured I’d share a few pictures because most of our costumes were pretty simple, with a few fun (perhaps thrifted?) touches.

Cruella, Madonna and Liz Lemon
(Me, Jenny and Emilia)

Joan Holloway, Cruella, a princess
(Mandi, me, Erin — who had the best line of the evening: “Where are all the menfolk?!”)

Madonna, Dorothy and Tinker Bell
(Our hosts – Jenny, Carla and Amy)

Dorothy and LL
(Carla and Emilia)

Yes, this post is kind of a cop-out. I promise I’ll write something real this week. However, I just want to point out that Emilia, Carla, Mandi and I are wearings items that (for the most part) we all already owned. Save for a few accessories (Mandi’s wig, my ghetto-rigged cigarette holder), we made it work with items from our closet — which is my personal favorite way to go.

Did you dress up for Halloween? Did you buy a costume or make one yourself?


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