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Black Friday in NY: where the crazies go

November 26, 2010

Before I begin my recap of Black Friday, first things first — happy birthday, Thrifty Threads! A little over a year ago, the five of us were back and forth on the need for an outlet to discuss our frivolous but frugal shopping addictions habits, and this little blog was the solution, starting off with my review of Black Friday in Atlanta. I think I speak for everyone when I say it’s taken off more than we ever thought, and we couldn’t have gotten there without our readers. So, thank you for reading! We love you almost as much as we love shopping.

What a year it’s been. I moved to New York (so did Shannon!). Unfortunately, I was living on rice-and-beans, internship pay for about ten months, so clothes (even thrifty ones, I was that poor) were outside of my budget, hence limiting my updates here aside from the occasional splurge. I recently received a promotion at my job, however (!) and will soon be able to go shopping without the crippling guilt.

Today, partly to continue my updating tradition here and partly because I am insane, I decided to conquer Black Friday in Manhattan. Now, I wasn’t as diehard as I was last year. After stuffing my face yesterday at Sweatpants Thanksgiving, I took advantage of sleeping in and didn’t wake up til 11.

I did some research on the best deals going on, and decided to hit up Old Navy, H&M, and Forever21. Hey, all three of those happen to be next to each other in Herald Square! Right next to the 34th Street Macy’s! It’s a straight shot on the F! Let’s do it! If you’re going to do something bad … do it right, I say.

Climbing up the subway stairs at 34th and 6th Avenue, I realized the overpopulated, caffeinated frenzy I’d gotten myself into. Inflatable Smurfs towered over anti-fur protesters outside Macy’s. Religious groups yelled about consumerism outside of Sephora, which happened to be my first stop. I made my way in and bought NARS blush in Orgasm as per Shannon’s recommendation months ago. No special deals on it, still a painful $26, but I hear it’s worth it.

Next up I went to Old Navy on the lookout for a colorful peacoat or two, but it was so packed I could barely get a hand in on a rack. It was a mess, like, Old-Navy-usual-mess but tripled. The line also looked horrendous. I was out of there in less than five minutes.

H&M, or as my friend Elyse likes to call it, Hit&Miss, was a hit. They had several “Fashion Finds” throughout the store marked solely for Black Friday. Shirts I’d been eyeing for months were suddenly down to $10 or $15. So, I took advantage. Each customer got a $5 off card toward their next purchase, too. As far as the insanity level, it was definitely a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. Whereas my Black Fridays in suburbia were filled with fake-albeit-plentiful “sorrys” and “excuse mes,” women in New York are about to cut a bitch for a cardigan.

I did not make it to Forever21. Probably for the best.

I’m sure if I hadn’t slept in, researched more and hadn’t gone to Herald-freaking-Square my Black Friday would have been more successful. But I do love my H&M finds and I’m always looking for opportunities to make fun of America, Black Friday obviously being one of them. RECESSION BE DAMNED, WE WILL SHOP.

Photo shoot time!

Someone clearly hasn't taken an outfit photo in a while.

This dress isn’t from Black Friday. It was found at a thrift store in Brooklyn a few weeks ago, and I’ve been meaning to share it with you guys. It feels very autumny and very punch-in-the-stomach to Free People because I’m sorry but who can afford a $100+ casual fall dress. Not I. Found for $28.

Free People, orig. $122, thrifted $28

Free People thrifted dress


H&M orig. $24.95, sale $10

I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS SHIRT TO GO ON SALE FOR LIKE A YEAR. I’d prefer it in beige, but they were out of my size, so navy will have to do. One of the “fashion finds” today.

Rhinestone cardigan, orig. $29.95, sale $15

This cardigan isn’t normally something I’d grab. As my sister would say it’s a little “dainty.” But lately I’ve been really into work-appropriate finds that I don’t have to worry about or fiddle with. Nothing wrong with going back to basics.

The boob-hating dress, H&M orig. $49.95, sale $20

This dress would be cute if it didn’t totally flatten my boobies. I feel like Christina Ricci in this from “Now & Then” in the duct tape scene. Going to exchange for a bigger size, because I can’t breathe in this. $20 marked down from $50, though!

H&M orig. $34.95, sale $10

This top is a little frumps’ on its own, but belts tend to fix everything …

H&M lace, belted

Happy holidays, everyone!

3 Comments leave one →
  1. November 26, 2010 7:26 pm

    The sleeveless dress is cute! I weirdly have that same problem with a of H&M’s dresses (even with next-to-nothing on top)…like even if it’s not actually too tight, it’s just plain too small and I have a mini panic attack in the dressing room as I’m shimmying out of it and trying not to rip it in the process.

    And now I want to re-watch Now & Then. Love that movie!

  2. Katy permalink*
    November 27, 2010 4:25 pm

    Orgasm blush equals mega win. As of right now, I refuse to shop in Black Friday. Perhaps once I have children, I will need to wake up to fetch some sort of toy at 4 am. However, I might be taking advantage of a cyber Monday deal for free shipping at Sephora…

  3. November 28, 2010 9:23 pm

    Orgasm blush is such a great buy. I bought mine over a year ago and am still getting through it! Such a great color!

    I laughed at your Now & Then reference. Loved Christina Ricci in it!

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