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The Return of the Thrift + Closet Consultation

December 6, 2010

This weekend, I remembered why I love thrifting.

I’ve been lusting over these Gabriella Rocha’s ever since I wrote about my love of boots:

Gabriella Rocha, $93

If you know me at all, you know I have a weakness for purple. It’s the first thing that catches my eye on a sale rack, which is both a blessing and a curse — a blessing in that I happen to look great in purple, a curse in that I’m not giving any other colors a chance. Anyway, so when Shannon and I walked into Buffalo Exchange Saturday, these were the first to grab my attention, obviously:

Thrifted @ Buffalo Exchange, $16.50

As implied by the photo, I bought them for $16.50 (holla!), and wore them out and about yesterday and today. I love them; they add some life to my otherwise dark and brooding black puffy coat ensemble.

So, here I am, shopping again. The planets have realigned. (Sorry, Mom. I know I should be saving.)

In my shift to a thriftier-minded perspective over the past few weeks, I’ve spent a little more time than usual sorting through my wardrobe to see what I’m working with, especially after months of style neglect. It was during this evaluation that I realized that I am living with a closet built for a toddler.

The closet

The closet: hidden

I guess I didn’t realize notice my clothes were at hips’ height when I moved in. I was simply so thrilled to just be living at an affordable rent I couldn’t care less at that point if my clothes were hanging from the ceiling.

Now I’m seeing it’s slightly an issue, if I’m allowed to be picky. It’s not a very good situation for my morning outfit routine (which, daily, consists of me throwing on about 9 different outfits with “Vogue” in the background, yelling aloud in frustration). I can’t see half of my options (displayed with a flashlight in the photo above) and each hanger has about 3 or 4 items on it to save space. And then, there’s my dresser …

My Craigslisted dresser, bursting at the seams

… Which is completely packed with layers of tops and cardigans I’ve completely forgotten about.

As a potential solution, I think once a week I’m going to take the hidden depths of clothes from the back of my closet and swap them out with the visible ones, just to maximize outfit potential. Any other ideas? There’s a ton of extra storage up top which I’ve just haphazardly thrown jeans and overnight bags onto. Where’s an HGTV expert when you need one?

Eventually, I’m going to need a bigger closet. But first things first: purple boots.

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