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Cheap thrills

January 25, 2011

Back in the day on Thrifty Threads, I wrote a lot about makeup and other beauty/non-clothing topics. As with most women (and the occasional man) I love makeup. It has become a recent obsession in the past few years and at one point in time, I was spending more at Sephora than I was at any clothing store.

Anytime I find some awesome makeup product (that’s somewhat inexpensive or just absolutely amazing) I want to share it with y’all because that is just the kind of person I am. I actually have a post in mind for next week (or the week after) also on makeup, so stay tuned if that is your sort of thing.

A great untapped source of beauty information is YouTube. For a little over two years now, I have been finding great tips and tricks for hair and makeup through girls on YouTube who make videos to share with everyone. This is how I have made some awesome makeup, hair, etc discoveries like the glorious CHI hair straightener and the glory that is E.L.F., aka eyeslipsface, a budget brand with incredible products.


I recently stumbled across a service called Birchbox. What Birchbox is essentially is a service where you pay $10 a month and they ship you a box filled with beauty product samples. Now, these aren’t any old samples — I’m talking about samples from NARS, Benefit, Kielhls and other high-end brands. And they are deluxe samples, meaning you can get a good deal of use from it. One of my favorite things about Sephora is how they give you samples based on how many points your accumulate (aka how much you spend, where if you are a VIB like me…it’s a lot). Through these little trials, if gives you an inexpensive way of trying out a new product without having to shell out full price and then hate it.

birchboxThe box comes super cutely packaged (above) in this bright pink box. Once you open it, there is a note from the people who pick the samples and a list of all the products you are getting and a little bit about each of them. In this month’s shipment, I got a NARS foundation primer, an AHAVA dead sea hand cream, shampoo and conditioner from BLOW Salon, a sheet mask from myfaceworks and, my personal favorite, a sampler tin of this great chai tea.

Now, I think $10 is a steal for this service, but maybe that’s just me. If you buy a year’s membership, they give you one month free. Another perk is that if you go to their website and post your own personal reviews of the products they send, you can accrue points that can go towards a free Birchbox or even a full size of one of the products they send.

This is just a little something I wanted to share. I know that I am already looking forward to February’s shipment.

Are there any cool services or programs you’ve found recently?

P.S. I am not affiliated with Birchbox, even though I wish I was…

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  1. January 25, 2011 2:58 pm

    I’ve never heard of this but I’m excited and intrigued by it!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. January 25, 2011 7:27 pm

    I’m signed up for a Sephora account too and I love getting little birthday samples from them! I usually seem to accrue a lot of my points during birthdays/holidays, but I like trying out new products.

    This isn’t really a program at all, but I always liked getting a couple samples here and there whenever I got a couple items from the dept store makeup counter. Totally discovered Dior’s mascara that way, though this $10 sample program is a way cheaper way to go about discovering new products 🙂

  3. January 25, 2011 9:07 pm

    This is super cool! I’m obsessed w/ ordering from Sephora online because of the three free samples each online order receives. No joke, I have a dozen little perfume samples because I hate spending money on it. (I have no idea why.) Then my mom got me that Sephora perfume sampler for Christmas, which was super exciting. (And of course I always end up spending at least $50 so I can get free shipping.)

    Also, I recommend signing up for Sephora’s e-mail list. They send coupon codes all the time, which are totally useful. (And they may have convinced me to spend more money than I would have liked.)

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