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The best of the best

February 8, 2011
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OK, yes, I am just biting Jenny’s post from yesterday. This is my third post in a row about makeup, but makeup is just so much fun. I love hearing about what other people like and recommend because it gives me new ideas of what to try (not like I need to try anything…I have plenty). That being said, I am amending Jenny’s list some and adding a few of my own.


I love the Biore Skin Preservation Dual Fusion moisturizer. It is by far my favorite. Not only does it have a nice SPF, but it also does some amazing things for my skin. Makes me all smooth and glowy. It’s relatively pricey for how much you get, so I’ve been using something else lately, but I am going back when I am done with what I am using now.

I wore liquid foundation in middle and high school and then no foundation in college really, asides from special occasions. Now, I have a foundation for good skin days, one for bad skins days, and one for days when I want to wear foundation but don’t want to look like I am wearing foundation. If I had to pick one, it would be Rimmel Stay Matte. It is a great year-round foundation that doesn’t break me out after wearing multiple days in a row. And it makes a great self-made tinted moisturizer in the summer.

mimosa Blush
Blush is one of my favorite products. I think I look pretty bad when I don’t have blush on. Like all pasty faced. No bueno. I do love NARS Orgasm, but it isn’t my favorite NARS blush. That belongs to NARSPenny Lane, which is actually a cream blush. It is a nice pink-nude color that sort of just gives a natural flush. For non-cream blush, I LOVE Mimosa by Alima. Alima is an online only mineral makeup company (a la Bare Minerals). You can get little samples of their foundations and blushes, and I got a sample of Mimosa and fell in love. It is a great mix of a peach and a pink blush. Plus, it looks good over Penny Lane.


My favorite concealer isn’t really a concealer at all. It’s Bobbi Brown’s corrector, something that is meant to go one before undereye concealor. I don’t know what is in this product, but seriously, it covers up my dark circles so freaking well. It’s pricey so I held out for awhile, but now I can’t imagine not using it. On some days (those good skin days I mentioned earlier) all I put on is this and some blush.


It is difficult for me to pick one singular eyeshadow, so I will instead pick two families of colors that I find I have multiples of — taupes and champagnes. My favorite taupe is either Satin Taupe by MAC or Nutty by Wet n Wild (it’s only like 2 bucks). For champagne, I highly recommend Stila’s Kitten.


In addition to blush, I feel like eyeliner really is what makes me look presentable. It really defines the eyes and I think gives a little smokey sultry-ness that can be good on a daily basis. I usually wear gray eyeliner, as it is a bit softer than black, and my favorite is Stila’s Smoky Quartz. However, I find that the only eyeliner that will stay on my waterline all day is MAC’s Fluidline, and my favorite is Nightfish, a browny, gray black (if that makes sense).

nars Bronzer
I’m pasty (as mentioned before) — I need bronzer. I wear it even in the winter, mainly to give my face a little color and some shape (via contouring). My favorite is NARS Laguna. I do not know what it is about this but it is amazing. The perfect bronzer. It doesn’t make me look orange or muddy. It just makes me look…not like a ghost. Yes, it is NARS which means it is expensive, but it lasts fooooorever. And I haven’t found a drugstore one that is comprable.



Jenny talked about how she never tried face primer, which I swear by. My favorites are E.L.F.’s Mineral Infused Face Primer and the L’Oreal Studio Secrets. But I must also stress the importance of EYE primer. Have you ever worn eyeshadow just to see it crease or kind of clump up on your eyelids throughtout the day? Well, if you wear an eye base, it won’t happen. I have put on eyeshadow at 4 am eastern time, then flown to Vegas and stayed up til like 1 am Vegas time and had my eyeshadow did not move. I recommend Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance or the E.L.F. eye base.


Some people believe that makeup is best applied with fingers, others say brushes. I use both. But there are a few brushes that I don’t think I could live without. The first is a stippling brush. A stippling brush is usually a duo fiber brush, such as the MAC 188 (or many others), which can be used for blending foundation or applying blush. I use it for both. The next is MAC’s 217. This brush is such a unique brush. It works amazingly for applying and blending eyeshadows. If you wear eyeshadow, you need this brush. Last is a good angled brush. I love the E.L.F. Studio Angle Brush. I mainly use it for filling in my brows or applying cream eyeliner.

hair Random Hair Product
Last category is my favorite random hair product. I added this because you’d be surprised just how many random hair products I use that don’t fall in to the category of hairspray, mousse, etc. For this honor, I love Got2Be’s Guardian Angel Heat Protect N’ Curl Iron Spray. Everyone should use a heat protectant when using heat on your hair (blow dryer, curling iron, flat iron, etc) because heat is what does the most damage. This spray not only does that, but it actually helps your hair hold a curl. It’s amazing. I will sometimes even be able to sleep in curly hair and have it still be curly when I wake up.

I hope y’all enjoyed all my ramblings. I know I definitely enjoy rambling.

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  1. February 9, 2011 10:26 am

    I don’t even know why I’m commenting on another makeup post – you might have seen the post I have drafted titled “My beauty arsenal” (as if it’s weapons or something…). Regardless, I’m going to need you to show me how and why I need bronzer next weekend. Also, I’ve given up on primer. I don’t know.

    I feel like a trip to Sephora is in order when you come. Or maybe just the drugstore.

    Also, what is the difference between Bobbi Brown’s concealer and her corrector? I THINK I use the concealer. And I love it. I actually bought that YSL Touche Eclat or whatever that all the beauty mags are gaga for and I prefer Bobbi Brown’s. Maybe I got the wrong shade or something, though.

    • Katy permalink*
      February 9, 2011 11:04 am

      I don’t think it will take a lot to convince me to go makeup shopping. Like, it will take no forcing at all. To Sephora we will go (and maybe a drugstore)!

      I haven’t used the Touche Eclat, but I’ve heard that it is more of an eye brightener than a concealer. I’m not sure what the difference is between the corrector and the concealer by Bobbi Brown. I know that the girls at the makeup counter recommend both together, but I prefer a different concealer. For all I know, they are the same thing in different containers, but I love it. Haha.

      • February 9, 2011 1:06 pm

        We’ll have to compare next weekend. I can’t wait. And there will be thrifting.


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