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T-shirt time

February 15, 2011

I am aware that the title of this post is a Jersey Shore reference, and yes, it is totally intentional.

It’s been a few weeks since I did any fashion-related posts, and it’s been even longer since I launched myself in to a mini-fashion challenge. I was not courageous (or disciplined) enough to tackled 30×30 this time around, so after some inspiration from my roommate, I found my new quest.

Now quest might be a bit of hyperbole because, let’s face it, I’m not embarking on some intense journey here. All I’m trying to do is take something that is pretty basic and make it work appropriate. My roomie commented that I own a good deal of t-shirts that I hardly ever wear outside of the weekends. By t-shirts I don’t mean my bevy of UGA-themed tops I break out on gamedays. I am generally referring to solid color tees. I do own quite a few, and I love to wear them on weekends, but I think they are sometimes too casual to wear to the office, minus as an undershirt. So this week I set out to find ways to incorporate them in to my work wear. I started yesterday, so I will share my first two outfits with you.

IMAG0125 IMAG0127

Monday (left): Dress – Target; t-shirt – Target; tights – Target; boots – Target (Can you sense a trend? My earrings, which aren’t shown, are always from Target.) Tuesday (right): T-shirt – Target; skirt – Target; tights – H&M; shoes – Mix No. 6 via DSW; scarf – Eastern Market in D.C.; ring – Etsy (earrings, not shown, also from Etsy).

Asides from showing just how much I shop at Target, these are just a few ways I have worked a basic tee in to my work wear. Monday’s outfit made me feel as though I should have been frolicking through a meadow somewhere. But I really did like the combination. It was probably more of a Friday work outfit than a Monday work outfit (in terms of how casual it was), but whatevs. Tuesday’s outfit was much more office-appropriate (I wanted to avoid wearing pink on Valentine’s Day). I ended up tossing a cardigan over it because it is always chilly in my office.

So there is the first part of my challenge. I’ll post the rest next week, along with details of what I might purchase in my NYC shopping spree with Shannon…

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