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A dressing addiction

March 1, 2011

First, a few confessions. 1. I did not finish my self-imposed t-shirt challenge. I got to day three and sort of lost interest. I get distracted easily, I apologize. 2. Yes, I did not post last week at all. A wide variety of issues arose, ones that even kept me from visiting Shannon (sadness all around). So I dealt with those, and now I am back.

The first step in overcoming an addiction is admitting you have a problem right? Well…here goes.

I’m addicted to dresses.

Yes you heard me. Dresses. Sure, there are worse addictions to have. I’ve broken my caffeine addiction in the past year. I’ve attempted to break my addiction to UGA football (probably never going to happen). But this recent dress addiction has put quite the dent in my wallet. Since last Monday, I have purchased nine dresses. I’ve been on a tear. Summer is approaching (quickly, I hope) and during warmer months, I don’t like to wear shorts or capris. I will either wear jeans or dresses. I figure I might as well stock up now. It started out simply enough. My friend was having an Oscars-themed party and I needed a nicer dress to wear. So I hopped over to Etsy and got this.


This picture really doesn’t do it justice, but it is covered in black sequins, and it is love. I think I want to wear it to work one day because heck, why not? The shop I got it from is retrospex, and she is one of my fave Etsy sellers. I’ve bought from her a few times. She has great vintage clothes at great prices. This dress was only 6 BUCKS!

So after that purchase, I hopped over the F21 to get a few more summer-y dresses. My criteria were items that were perfect for summer, but also could be appropriate for work. I picked up three (they will arrive today). Then Mod Cloth had to go and have a ridic sale. I have never purchased from Mod Cloth, mainly because I find the prices to be a bit steep for what the product is, but I got three dresses from there for about 15 bucks each. Love.


This was one of them. And I really love it…when I’m standing still. I wore it to work last night and as I walked, it would slowly creep up to an inappropriate length. But I think I found a way to salvage it. I bought a vintage lace slip off Etsy last night to pair with this (and other short dresses for that matter) so I can continue to wear them without putting on a show for the people in my office.

I could’ve stopped there. But no. I needed to feed the addiction. So I stopped at Forever 21 on my way home from work last night and got two more (one of the perils of parking near a mall). And with that…I think I might be done…maybe. For budgetary purposes…I need to be done.

I know you are probably wonder what all the dresses I got look like…so here is a little collage.


Forever 21 has since taken down the other one I got. Oh well. And it was awesome.

Is there anything you have been buying a ton of lately?

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  1. March 1, 2011 10:58 am

    I was going to tell you, I saw that dress you wore to the Oscar party on Facebook and I LOVE it. I swear, I’m like a magpie – so attracted to sparkly things. I wore my black sequined dress to work with flats and a longer blazer and I think you could totally pull it off.

    Stop making me want to buy more dresses!!!


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