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Vegas baby!

April 7, 2011

Shannon and I survived our reunion to Vegas over the last weekend. When she moved to New York last year, we decided to take a trip every year as a reunion, and our first trip was Las Vegas.

Obviously since highs ranged from 85-92 the whole time we were there, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We went to the pool each day, saw The Beatles Love Cirque du Soliel (highly recommend, by the way), caught up, went out and visited a bunch of the famous landmarks.

Frou-frou drinks for walking up and down the strip are a must. So are blisters, apparently.

Sequins and bright lights? Check!

We even made it out for a run to the welcome sign!

Dressed up for the Cirque show after another day at the pool. (My dress came from Plato’s Closet, and has little birds all over the skirt part.)

More sequins, of course. My gold sequin top (pictured left) came from Goodwill, and the black shorts (not pictured) came from Plato’s Closet.

Overall, we had a wonderful time despite the fact that it took two days to get over the jet lag – the 3 hour time change is not joke.

If you’ve been to Vegas, you’re probably wondering where all we went and our favorites, so here’s a little run-down:


  • Tacos & Tequila (at Luxor) – Good if you’re staying there, but wouldn’t go out of your way.
  • Cravings (buffet at The Mirage) – I know Katy loves this one, and we enjoyed it for sure (especially the deserts), but there were many things there we just don’t eat.
  • Café Bellagio – Great experience. Split a carafe of sangria and each had a portobello mushroom sandwich ($11 each!). Plus they gave us free bread.
  • Wicked Spoon (buffet at Cosmopolitan) – Wonderful for brunch. Highly recommend the mac and cheese and a chocolate covered strawberry, among others.
  • Wolfgang Puck’s Postrio at Venetian – We were spending time in the Venetian and needed an affordable place to eat. Delicious pizza (neither of us could finish), and amazing homemade potato chips.


  • The Pub (at Monte Carlo) – On our first night of jet lag, we went here for a couple drinks and watched Dueling Pianos. Good experience, and very respectable beer list.
  • Eiffel Tower Restaurant – We just went and sat at the bar for a drink each, but there are amazing views of the strip.
  • Nine Fine Irishmen (at New York-New York) – Decent beer list (though not as good as The Pub), but it was a good stop on the way up the strip to rest our feet. They also have a beer-cheese dip that was highly recommended on Foursquare, but we never got to try it.
  • Pure Nightclub (at Caesars Palace) – Just what you’d expect: overpriced drinks and overly loud music. Take the elevator upstairs to the balcony where there are great views overlooking the strip.
  • Sin City Brewery – There are several locations, but we went to the one at Venetian. No food, but they do have free pretzels to go with the beer. Definitely cool to sample some local brews.
  • Tao (in Venetian) – We went when it was a lounge, so it was a nice low-key last night. The Tao-tinis are delicious, sweet but not overly sweet, and they come with raspberries.


  • Walking the strip – The cheapest form of transportation, but make sure you have good shoes. I wore blisters on my feet the first day and had to wear band-aids the rest of the time.
  • Pool – We made sure to stay somewhere with a decent pool area (Luxor) because we knew we’d be there a lot. Most hotels also charge a resort fee whether you use it or not.
  • Welcome sign – Pretty far (depending on where you’re staying), but worthwhile if you want the photos.
  • Shows – We only saw The Beatles Love, but we loved it! We wanted to see it anyway, but it didn’t hurt that they came with the Travelocity booking. I’m pretty sure we had the worst seats there were in the house, but we could still see everything just fine.
  • New York-New York Rollercoaster – I still feel like this is a must-do (despite the $14 cost) for the views and thrill. It was a rough ride though, and I had a headache after. But thankfully, it didn’t last.
  • Bellagio – The fountain show was very cute and completely worthwhile – one of the few free things in the City. We also enjoyed walking around inside the Bellagio to see the sights. Pretty swank, and there’s a colorful garden/atrium area.
  • Desert views – The whole time, I couldn’t stop staring at the desert mountains surrounding the city. For some reason, they made me so happy. Seeing the Grand Canyon on the flight to Vegas made my day.

In case you’re wondering, we barely did any gambling. Shannon lost $5 and I lost $16 – all on video black jack.

What are your favorite things to do in Vegas?

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  1. April 8, 2011 11:15 am

    We need to find out what’s in a Tao-tini. I wish we’d taken a picture of the cocktail list.


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