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Spring, is that you?

April 11, 2011

Guys. It hit 70 degrees in New York today. Seventy. (I know, Southerners. Stop rolling your eyes.)

(Also, it’s true that New York is a really interesting place to live, but I find myself talking about the weather way more than I ever have before. I think it’s because we’re constantly exposed to the elements because so few people here drive.)


Spring is about to spring, you guys (I think), and I couldn’t be happier to start wearing sundresses and wedges every day. (In case you were curious, that’s exactly what I wore to work today.)

Other spring-y things I’m excited for? Drinking on patios. My ears not freezing off when I run in the park. Having an excuse for pedicures. Seasonal fruits and vegetables. Fresh flowers. Outdoor dining. White wine season, so I can stop spilling red wine all over myself.

(Things I’m not looking forward to? Shaving my legs more often. Allergies. Storing my beloved boots away. …Yup, I think that’s it.)

I have a point here … and it’s that spring is awesome and the end of winter is even better. So, what, sartorially speaking, am I looking forward to this spring?



Wedges by Shannon Otto* featuring black pump shoes

Michael Antonio high heel sandal, $75
Michael Antonio wedge heel sandal, $55
ASOS peep toe sandal, $81
Michael Antonio black pump shoes, $65

Not “flatforms” or whatever we’re calling those stupid ’90s-esque shoes right now. They were great on the Spice Girls but it’s 2011, not 1998. (Also. I miss the Spice Girls. There, I said it.)



Denim by Shannon Otto* featuring sheer tops

Sheer top, $44
Cropped denim vest, $43
Denim by Victoria Beckham wide leg flare jeans, $55
Paige denim jeans, $79

I bought a chambray shirt from Gap and returned it because it didn’t fit right in the shoulders. (To that I say, thank you to those 13 years of competitive swimming.) I also haven’t been able to find a pair of wide-leg trouser-fit jeans that I like, but I’m still searching. Also, I kind of wish I had kept my old denim jackets from high school (yes, plural, I was just that cool).



color by Shannon Otto* featuring a t shirt skirt

Ruched dress, $50
TopShop blue top, $36
Calvin Klein Jeans studded jeans, $98
T shirt skirt, $30

(Yup, I’m bringing back the purple pants from 2008.) I think combining colors can be really interesting, and I’m glad this is finally “trendy” so I can wear my purple pants with red tops without looking like a total clown.

What are you looking forward to this spring, fashion-wise or otherwise?

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  1. Shannon's Mom permalink
    April 19, 2011 12:37 pm

    Hmmmmm – purple pants and red top – 20+ year old version of Red Hat Ladies???

  2. April 19, 2011 1:12 pm

    I actually paired the purple pants with a turquoise top … a little easier on the eyes.

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