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New priorities

June 27, 2011

Holy absence, Batman. There is really no excuse for my lack of posting. Other than I am planning a wedding and moving in a few weeks. I have also not been buying too many clothes. Trust me. I’m in the mood to buy clothes. I REALLY want to buy clothes. But there is nothing that has really drawn me in lately (minus a $300 dress from Anthropologie). I am much more interested in finding things to decorate my new apartment.

Right now, my current push is to find nightstands. I never realized how expensive nightstands are. I mean…I just need a table to put my iHome on…why are you charging me $100 bucks?! It probably doesn’t help that there is a specific look I am going for that apparently I can’t find anywhere. Thanks to Pinterest (which is the greatest time-killer ever, by the way) I am now on a search for antique-y looking nightstands (or as Eric calls them…old looking. They aren’t old…they have character!)

Screen shot 2011-06-27 at 11.10.22 AM victorian-antique-night-stand-13680-9169_zoom

This is the look I am going for, and having a hard time finding … at least in my price range. I’ve looked at HomeGoods. I’ve looked at Target. I’ve looked at thrift stores. If I can find two for $100 somewhere, I will probably break down and get them … nothing else will appease me.

In other news, this is what I am wearing today.

IMAG0184(Apologies for the slight blurry-ness)

Tunic: World Market. Belt: Came with another shirt. Navy crops: NY and Co. Black wedges: Mix No. 6. Necklace: From London.

I saw this tunic while shopping for various housewares over the weekend and couldn’t control myself. It is super comfy too. It also happens that this is the color palate for my new bedroom, so now I can match.

Any tips on finding the furniture you want at thrifty prices? 


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  1. Melanie permalink*
    June 29, 2011 8:11 pm

    I absolutely love these nightstands! Definitely have personality. Have you tried flea markets/antique malls? Prices may not be much better though. Craigslist?

    Also love that World Market tunic, and the fact that it came from there!

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