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Working with what you got

August 17, 2011

I felt frumpy yesterday. Like really frumpy. And it sort of put my down for the day. I had to wake up early to go to the dentist, and I laid out an outfit the night before that I thought would work. All of the elements have worked separate from one another in the past, but for some reason, when paired together, it was just blah. I find that wearing a “blah” outfit to work can be a detriment to the day. A good outfit can boost confidence and really put a little pep in my step throughout the day. And no, I didn’t document the frumpy outfit.

But today was a different story. Today, I am digging my ensemble.

IMAG0202(Dress: Forever 21 Blazer: Forever 21 Slip: Vintage Shoes: Steve Madden)

I just got this blazer in the mail yesterday. It is a lovely pink coral color. I’m really in to bright colored blazers at the moment. I bought this awesome green one off Etsy last week. I’m on a shopping hiatus at the moment (in theory), but I might take a look at Goodwill this weekend to see if I can add to my blazer stash. And I would totally still rock this color in the fall and winter.

A good outfit is the sum of many parts. It’s about mixing and matching and working to find a combination that works for your style and your body. One day the equation can work in a positive way, the next, not so much. It is all about using what you have your advantage.




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