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A lucky day

August 22, 2011

I had been thinking about going thrifting all week last week, so on Saturday, I took the plunge and found myself at my local Salvation Army. I love the Salvation Army near me because they color code all of the racks (and I’m OCD, so I like that), and I’ve always had good luck there. Last time I went, I found these awesome blue and white vases that now adorn my new apartment.

I head there looking for one thing in particular — more colored blazers to add some pop to my fall wardrobe. I was on the lookout for both a mint and/or a lapis hued blazer. While no luck on the green, I did find this beauty.


It is this gorgeous lapis/indigo blue color which is exactly that I was looking for. I like the lapel-less color and I love the gold, knotted buttons. And of course…it fits me perfectly. C’mon fashion gods…how can I resist the perfect find? I think the shoulder pads might be a bit much, but not sure if I want to go to the trouble of removing them.

After working my way through the blazer racks, I made my way over to the dresses. I have never had much luck finding thrifted dresses at my area Goodwills and such. I found a few at Rag-O-Rama down in ATL and have picked up a few off Etsy, but that’s the extent of my finds. But while sifting through the dress rack on Saturday, I happened upon this.


This is such a good piece to transition from the end of summer to fall and winter. I love color and the polka dots are adorable. It hits me just below the knee. I contemplated hemming it, but I rather enjoyed the length after I wore it for a bit. I plan on wrapped a gold belt around the waist when I wear this, because navy and gold is one of my favorite combos.

So then I began to aimlessly wander around the store. It was pretty crowded since it was a weekend, so a lot of the aisles were jammed with people. I was trying to kill some time before hanging out with a friend, so I went and checked out the housewares and the purses and some of the jewelry before making my way back to the clothing. I was walking around not really looking for anything in particular, but then, I found some gems.


First up was this Ann Taylor printed tie blouse. It is white with this awesome taupe detailing. I think it will be cute with a black pencil skirt for work and with jeans and a cardigan or blazer come fall and winter.


This sheer black polka dot top (also from Ann Taylor) was actually stuffed away near the jeans. It’s a bit baggy on me, but I figure tucked in to a skirt or pair with a belt and I’ll be golden. It has this super cute ruffle detailed at the collar which really doesn’t translate in this image.


This blouse was hanging on the end of one of the racks, as though someone just placed it there after trying it on. I was really attracted to the bright print and the pleat detailing on the top part. I think the hot pink-orange-brown color scheme will definitely work come fall as well.


The last shirt I grabbed was this gray and navy striped top. It cinches in at the waste and is baggy and open on top, with dolman-type sleeves. I am wearing it today with a cream cami underneath and I looooove it. It’s so comfy and definitely works for work and will be cute with jeans too.

After showing you my haul, I should add one caveat. I broke a huge thrifting rule on this trip. I didn’t try on any of the last four items. When I went to try on the first two items, there were a few dressing rooms open, so I popped in and tried them on. By the time I gathered the rest of this lot, the line to try things on was insane. I’m a very impatient person, so I decided, eh why not take a gamble. I did hold them up to me and look in the mirror but that was it. When I got home, I tried everything on…and they all fit pretty perfectly. I was thrilled. But it was a risk seeing as I couldn’t take the items back.

But yea, that’s what I got. I know I say this every post…but I’m done shopping. I organized my closet on Sunday, and the amount of clothing I own is ridic. I don’t need anything. The only thing I can see myself purchasing (or will allow myself to purchase) is some new black and gray tights for winter.

Have you had any awesome finds as of late?

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