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Why white? Why not?

October 10, 2011

Yesterday was October 9th, and I wore a white dress. Gasp.

It was close to 80°F this weekend. I’ve already packed all of my summer clothes away in suitcases, so I didn’t know how to dress myself without throwing on a sports bra and Soffe shorts lazily. After a cup of coffee, I stumbled into East Village Thrift Shop (2nd and 12th) with the intention of buying nothing and walked out with this H&M white dress — $9.99.

I know it’s taboo to wear white after Labor Day, but I really feel that both global warming and Lady Gaga are making everybody throw out the fashion rules handbook. And I kind of dig it. It was so hot yesterday!

I paired the dress with a brown belt and brown boots to make it a little more fall-y. (Even with those, I was sweating up a storm and would have preferred flip-flops.) Even in a sea of brown and orange scarves at brunch (7A, by the way, is delicious) I didn’t feel inappropriate at all. I’d rather dress for the weather than for a date on a calendar. There was a post about this recently featured on Freshly Pressed which defended this rule, or abandonment thereof, well:

“So I got a little defensive and stomped away in my shoes o’ shame, all the while wondering who writes these fashion rules we’re supposed to abide by unquestioningly … Who says that we can’t wear white in winter?

For the record, I’ve always faithfully abided by the “don’t wear white after Labor Day” rule. On the Friday before Labor Day, I was decked out like I was going to one of P. Diddy’s white parties. And then I stored it all away like a good Southern girl was always told to do.

The rule stood as I was bringing up my girls too. When one was 3, she had an absolute temper tantrum one wintry Sunday morning over why she couldn’t wear her white shoes with her Christmas dress. I relented (of course) and she wore them. I will always be grateful to the fellow churchgoer who informed me that day that the rule only applies to ages 4 and above. I breathed a sigh of relief as my mothering was still intact. I pondered over who made up THAT rule for about a minute, then quickly decided it was a mother of a very dramatic toddler, much like myself.

So this mere bit of eavesdropping, coupled with the leniency of motherhood, has provided me with a moment of clarity. I will no longer feel inadequate when my purse is grey and my shoes are black. I will no longer be concerned that my nails are french-manicured and my toes are pumpkin orange. I will cast aside all doubt when my hair shows blonde “highlights” during the holidays when everyone else is going dark brown or bronze. I may even pull those white pants out of storage and pair them with my bulkiest winter sweater. And as long as my toes aren’t in danger of frostbite, I will continue to wear my open-toed shoes with it all.”

She Can’t Be Serious

Moral of the story? Wear what you want and be happy!

Sidenote: I still feel incredibly awkward doing the candid-but-not fashion bloggy photo shoots. I have a few photos my sister took of me holding apples and pumpkins that no one will ever see because they’re so uncomfortable. Tips!?

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  1. Shannon permalink
    October 10, 2011 11:27 am

    If you had published the pumpkin ones, I wouldnt have been able to resist a Dirty Dancing reference: you carried a pumpkin.

    …maybe that’s only funny to me.

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