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Trend Cycles

December 22, 2011

When cleaning out your closet, does anyone else have a difficult time parting with a few older items that may one day come back in style?

On more than one occasion recently, I’ve noticed the reappearance of a trend involving an item I used to own — or at least I remember a time in the past when that item was in style.

What am I talking about?

Combat boots

Even though I was young during the grunge era of the early ’90s, I’ve seen the boots. Whether it was Clarissa or Elaine Benes, these were a hit back then. Recently, both Shannon and I (she was first) bought combat boots of our own.

While this is the only example I can think of right now, I know there have been others. It’s somewhat frightening when styles I’ve long-since dismissed as passé suddenly start to look appealing.

So when I’m cleaning out my closet, I can’t help but think, “Maybe I should hold onto these corduroy pants in case I feel like wearing them again someday.”

Luckily I do have the space for that type of storage right now (closet photos soon, I promise!), but that doesn’t mean I want to keep to many things around that I don’t wear.

When cleaning out your closet, how do you best determine what to keep and what to hold on to?

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  1. Jenny permalink*
    December 29, 2011 10:01 am

    I’ve never owned combat boots but you’re definitely right that they’re a boomerang style item. I am the same way with flannel — I have a couple shirts I’ve had since high school that just keep coming back.

    Other than that I’m like, the opposite of a hoarder when it comes to getting rid of things. I go by instinct and if I haven’t worn it in the last six months, regardless of if it’s in or not, it’s out!

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