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Tie it up with a bow

March 5, 2012

I have a thing for tie blouses. If you look at my Pinterest style board, it is full of tie blouses and pleats. I’m a pretty simple girl. Of course, I’ve been trying to limit my shopping, so I can’t go crazy and buy them all, but I did pick up on that I am quite in love with.


Top: Target (Jason Wu). Skirts: Zara. Tights: Target. Cardigan: Target. Shoes (not wearing in picture): Black wedges from DSW

The Jason Wu Target collection had a few tie blouses that I enjoyed, but I didn’t wake up at 5 am the day it was released to go get them. Lucky for me, on a non-clothing related trip to Target, I found this top and another blouse from the collection tucked away on a random clearance rack. It was a sign. I must buy them both. And I love them both.

Since the new year, I have really been limiting my shopping. I picked up the aforementioned tops and a few random items for the honeymoon, but I’ve been pretty good about not buying things. Then this weekend, I sort of fell off the wagon. But only slightly.

I got a Kohls gift card for Christmas. Now I haven’t really shopped at Kohls since high school, and I feel as though I sometimes think poorly of Kohls because all I can imagine in my head is the juniors clothes I wore in junior high (they were not really attractive). But I figured I might as well check out what they have. So on Leap Day they had a 29 percent off sale and I ended up picking up this dress, with the intention of wearing it to my bridal shower this weekend.

Screen shot 2012-03-05 at 10.10.37 AM

It’s from the Simply Vera Wang collection and I’m in love with it. I love the color combo and I think it is perfect for a bridal shower as well as for work. After I bought that, I still had a bit of money left on my gift card, so I went in to an actual Kohls store this weekend while I was out running errands, and picked up two more blouses.


The top is from their Apt 9 line (which had some really awesome tops) and the bottom is from the Daisy Fuentes line. I am obsessed with the bottom one. Such a unique blend of colors and a piece that I can wear to work and on the weekends.

After popping in to Home Goods (which is one of the most amazing stores ever) I went to TJ Maxx next door to look for shoes and ended up walking out with three pieces. They total $40 bucks! How could I not?


The top is by Cynthia Rowley. The two dresses I am unsure of who they are by. But the middle one is pretty much my perfect dress as it encapsulates three of my favorite things: lace, taupe and navy blue.

I also picked up a dress at WalMart. Yes, you read this right. WALMART. I have a few dresses from their George line that I got in college and they are still cute and have held up nicely. I was just walking around the clothing section and saw this and had to have it.


It’s royal blue (which is my wedding color) and is pleated. And it is so, so adorable on. It’s a little past my knees, but I can see myself wearing this constantly.

On my drive home from all this shopping, I decided that for ever piece I got, I’d take two pieces out of my closest. Not only did I do that, I did more. I got rid of every dress that was too short to wear to work. I got rid of every top where I couldn’t remember the last time I had worn it. It felt good. Now, I still need to get rid of a lot more, but I am making progress.


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