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Who said you can’t wear white before Easter?

March 15, 2012

Obviously, whoever made that fashion rule didn’t experience 80-degree days in March.

While picking out my clothes this morning, I wanted to wear this skirt I picked up yesterday at Goodwill. I took all of about five minutes to decide whether I should wear such a white skirt before Easter. But then I remembered how the high was going to reach above 80 today. (It’s 81 degrees as I type this.)

So I went for it.


Another internal debate was whether I should wear sandals or flats. I opted for flats to keep the outfit a little less summer-y. I also liked the way the black was consistent with my belt, and the sandals I was potentially planning to wear are silver. Plus, my toenails desperately need some tending.

It wasn’t until I was on my way to work that I realized I hadn’t shaved my legs in a few days. Kids, this is why you plan your outfits the night before—or at least before you shower. At least the days almost over, and no one seems to be the wiser.

And in case you’re wondering: no, I didn’t wash the skirt I bought yesterday at Goodwill before wearing it today. Oh well.

What fashion rules are you eager to break?

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  1. WhitePowerInAGoodWay? permalink
    March 15, 2012 5:00 pm

    Wearing white before/after Easter…who cares. I forget the rule even exists sometimes until people point out my fashion “mistake”.

    I support this rebellious post.

  2. Betsy permalink
    March 15, 2012 6:38 pm

    Love it!!


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