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Adventures in thrifting

June 11, 2012

Thrifting is an activity I have grown to love immensely in the past few years. Ever since the beginning of this blog really. It was something I had never done prior to Thrifty Threads. And now, of course, I cannot imagine my shopping life without a few trips to the thrift store.

My friend Lauren had expressed the desire to go thrifting with me awhile back and we agreed to devote a day to if after all of the wedding craziness settled down. While thrifting is fun by yourself, it is even better when you are with someone else. We took this trip very seriously, planning out exactly which stores we would go to in a way which would allow us to end the day at one of my favorite restaurants — Cheestique…where everything is made with delicious, delicious cheese.

Before we embarked on our adventure, I made a little mental list of what I would like to find during our outing. Now while I know it is sometimes a pipe dream to hope for a certain item when you are going thrifting, I wanted to stay focused so I didn’t get distracted by items I wasn’t in the market for. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have instituted a clothing budget on myself, and didn’t want to spend copious amounts of money. My list was simple — some frames for wedding pictures, maybe some fun housewares for decorating, summer dresses and perhaps something hot pink and something mint. That was it.

And so we began. Be prepared…this will be a lengthy post, filled with photos of all my finds.

We started off bright at early at Unique Thrift store in Falls Church. Eric: You’re waking up when to go shopping? The early bird catches the worm my friend. We got there before the store even opened and as soon as they did, we started wandering around. I did find two awesome frames as well as a great white pitcher that will most likely be used as a vase in the future (photo of housewares at the end.). Unique is a massive store. High ceilings. Rows and rows of everything from pillows and purses and board games and other housewares. And then aisles of clothing. They aren’t as well organized as some of my other favorite shops, but we perused through the tops and dresses and skirts, and this is what I walked away with.


The skirt we agreed had a very Joan Holloway feel and the top…well…Kate Middleton wore something very similar in the past. So of course it had to be mine. It had some pretty crazy shoulder pads in it that I took out as soon as I got home.

Next up was a smaller store called Treasure Trove in Annandale. About 20 Treasure Troves could fit inside Unique. That being said, they had an excellent selection of housewares and furniture and jewelry, with a pretty small clothing selection. We perused and I saw this one item. I stopped. I’m like, I must try this on. So I went in to the dressing room, put it on, called Lauren over, and we both decided it had to be mine.


It is a hot pink/coral shift dress (remember my list? It was fate) that literally fit me like it was made for me. I went back and forth on whether it was appropriate for work and would I really wear it, but for 11 bucks, I couldn’t leave it be.

And I am wearing it today.


I did feel a little ostentatious on the Metro with such a bright color on it, but as the day has worn on, I realized that I just love, love, love this dress. Definitely a fun little find for summer.

We then moved on to what is probably my favorite thrift store by me — the Salvation Army store. I love it there because everything is organized in color order so if you are looking for a white blouse, you can go right to the blouse section and search through the white ones and hope you find one. So that is what happened with this top.


Mint green flowy blouse? Hello lover. I had been wanting a mint green blouse for awhile, and the thrifting gods shone upon me that day. This will definitely be getting a lot of wear this summer.

Before we had made our way over to the blouses, I searched through the dresses, and found two complete steals.


The top dress is from Ann Taylor and the bottom is Saks Fifth Avenue brand. Both were 14 bucks. The Ann Taylor one is great for summer and the Saks one is an excellent work dress. I already have a meeting coming up where I am planning on wearing it.

We took a short break and stopped at my apartment before heading to Old Town Alexandria for the remainder of our thrifting adventure. The few places we hit up we more consignment/vintage than thrift, as indicated by their much higher price tags, but they offered excellent selection. If you were in the market for some genuine vintage name brand finds, those were the places to go. I did pick up a few items while we were there.


I know what you’re thinking…do you really need anymore scarves, Katy? The answer is yes, yes I do. And to be fair, I didn’t have any like this and had been looking for one like this for awhile. The navy blue pants are JCrew Chinos that I paid 25 bucks for. These two items were the most expensive things I purchased all day (the scarf was $18).

And for reference, here are the housewares:


(Those little things on the top left are the most adorable little salt and pepper shakers I picked up at Treasure Trove)

All in all, it was an incredibly successful day. I picked up a lot of pieces I had been hoping to find and had a great time just looking through everything. I did spent two months worth of my clothing budget, but that’s fine. I am OK with not buying any more clothes until August. I came home and purged a lot of items out of my closet before adding the new things and realized how much awesome stuff I have. I can’t wait to work all these new items in to my everyday wardrobe.

And just in case you were wondering, Telly approves of all my purchases.


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  1. June 11, 2012 3:04 pm

    Ooh, successful shopping trip! I love that Kate Middleton top with the gold embellishments. And of course, that pink shift looks gorgeous on you!

  2. June 11, 2012 10:53 pm

    I love the pink dress and that scarf! What a super great blog.


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