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Dressing for adulthood

June 14, 2012

This isn’t meant to be a long post. Just something I was thinking about whilst commuting this morning.

How do you know when you’ve final reached adulthood in terms of fashion? Is it when you buy your first nice suit for interviews? Or when you can finally walk in those heels?

I’ve been working in a real office for five years now, and I have just now come to terms with what it means to dress like an adult. It isn’t the button downs or the blazers — to me it is realizing that it is the little things that make all the difference.

It is remembering to wear a cami under a low cut top (which I JUST started doing, by the way). It’s investing in some nice nude undergarments so that floral bra or hot pink underwear doesn’t show through your ensemble. It is buying new shoes when the scuffs can’t be scrubbed out.  Or giving in and buying new pants after losing a few pounds (and not walking around the office with a safety pin in the waist of your pants). It is these little touches that make the difference to me.

What does dressing like an adult mean to you?

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  1. Jenny permalink*
    June 25, 2012 5:49 pm

    I think it’s a combination of all of those things — buying your first interview suit, feeling too old for Forever21. Would wearing uncomfortable heels signal adulthood or still growing up? I do it because I know I look better in heels, but it’s not necessarily smart.

    Dressing like an adult to me means belting a lot of things, feeling uncomfortable in blazers, and ironing wrinkly shirts. I used to not care about wrinkles. Now I do.

    I once went to a bar with Shannon wearing a “dress” that was clearly intended to be a shirt. Let’s just say I’m too old to be pulling those moves anymore.

  2. Kristen permalink*
    September 19, 2012 7:23 pm

    I think I reached this when I went to Plato’s Closet last week to try selling some clothes. The transexual working there (with bra hanging out top of shirt, might I add) told me my clothes were “too mature” and not what teens were looking for this season. I guess that’s a compliment?

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