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Baby, it’s warm outside

June 29, 2012

I will not be posting a screen cap of my iPhone weather app right here. If you are sitting in the United States and reading this, you know how damn hot it is, especially on the East Coast. It’s summer. That thing sort of happens. While I wish I could set up a kiddie pool in my office and lounge by my computer with my feet dipping in the cool water, I cannot, so I try my best to dress in a way that leaves me comfortable, yet it still work appropriate.


Maxi dress (as a skirt): Old Navy. Top: Zara. Necklace: From little shop in London. Shoes: Steven Madden.

Eric asked why I was wearing a long skirt. I just love wearing maxi dresses when it is crazy hot outside. I think it is because it feels way less constricting than wearing a regular dress or a skirt. This might be something that is just in my mind, but I am totally OK with that. The top is one of my favorite striped tops from the stripes binge of 2011. Now I am off to think about the ice cream cone I might go procure today…

How do you deal with the heat?

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