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Making the most of rewards

July 11, 2012

An alternative title for this post could be “How I got TOMS for free.”

No, I didn’t receive them as a gift. I didn’t boost them from a Macy’s. I paid for them. Sort of. In a roundabout way.

Like most Americans, I have a credit card. In fact, I have two. My primary card is a Discover card and than I have a Visa for those rare occasions when a place doesn’t take Discover. The main reason I chose Discover was for their rewards. My parents had a Discover card growing up, and they always got really good rewards. We’d go out to dinner as a family sometimes with gift cards accrued as part of Discover rewards. And they pretty awesome. My rewards from Discover pretty much fueled my Starbucks habit through college. I have gotten Bed Bath and Beyond gift cards to buy pods for my Keurig. I’ve gotten free movie tickets. It is really quite nice. Now I know that these “rewards” are as a result of me spending money on my credit card. But if I have to buy groceries and other necessities, I might as well get something for that, right?

That brings me to the point of this post (as if you couldn’t gather where it was going). I was about to buy another BB&B card when I stumbled upon that fact that Discover offers gift cards for TOMS as part of their rewards program. I had been wanting TOMS for awhile. I know they are not the most fashionable shoes, but I need them for practical reasons. I am clumsy. Very, very clumsy. This clumsiness is made worse by the fact I often commute to work in flip flops. Katy + flip flops + Metro escalators does not make for a pretty ending. In fact, about three weeks before the wedding, I took a major fall down an escalator. Like major to the point I thought I had broken something. But I hadn’t. But I didn’t have major scrapes up and down the backs of my calves that made it look as though I had been attacked by an animal. That was the last straw.

Now I suppose I could have just started to wear sneakers to commute to work in, but I wasn’t too keen on that. I had gone back and forth on TOMS for awhile. I mean, they are pretty pricey. But what sold the deal for me was one of my wedding coordinators. As I was waiting to walk down the aisle, Emily, one of the employees at the venue, came in to the bridal suite to keep me sane. She was wearing TOMS. We started talking about them and she told me that, similar to me, she fell down a lot. And after taking a tumble at work that resulted in a nasty gash on her leg, she started to swear my TOMS. Sign me up.

Now TOMS aren’t expensive by any means. $44 is pretty reasonable for a pair of shoes. But, with my budget, I knew a pair of TOMS would eat up my entire monthly budget. So I was going to wait. Until I saw the TOMS gift card. I could get TOMS for free with my rewards. Sign me up. So I waited for my gift card to arrive, placed my order and yesterday, they showed up.


I got the gray classics because I thought they be the most versatile. And let me tell you, I am already wanting to buy another pair. These are the most comfortable shoes. I ended up having to walk about a mile today to get to a work lunch, and they stood up to that test. I am now officially on the TOMS bandwagon.

Have you ever found a creative way to expand your wardrobe?

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  1. Shannon permalink*
    July 18, 2012 2:46 pm

    I’ve been hearing they’re comfortable for years, but I didn’t consider buying a pair until I saw the sequined/glitter ones. Maybe for fall…

    Also, thank you for not stealing TOMS from your local Macy’s. 😉

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