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For the future

August 8, 2012
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Eric keeps saying how much I love stuff. And it is true. I like to live in a world of organized clutter.

Right now, we reside in a one-bedroom apartment. This means we are very short on space. Kitchen space, closet space, all space pretty much. Our “storage” space at the moment is a rarely used corner in our living room where we have stacked all the wedding presents we have nowhere to put yet. I say it is OK, because all of this stuff is for the future. Our future home. I love acquiring stuff for our future home.

I suppose many would say I am nesting. Not like pre-baby nesting. Just like making-a-home nesting. I browse Pinterest for future decorating ideas. The future furniture I want to buy. The DIY projects I would tackle for our future home. But this future home is not happening anytime soon. So why do I keep buying stuff “for the future?”

Thrift stores are where I mainly get in to trouble. I find these unique pieces that I snatch up thinking I will never find something similar ever again. Then I just stash them away in a corner of our apartment where they will reside until I have a home to show them off in. I get really excited when I find these things. But after the purchase, the reality sinks in. I’m not a horder —  you can still walk around our apartment easily. I just love unique things.

The most recent addition to my “for the future” stash I acquired this weekend. After lunch with a friend, we popped in to an antique shop where I saw this.


It is an old typesetting tray from back in the day before all printing was electronic. For a journalism nerd like me, it was the ultimate find. I found this picture on Etsy as inspiration for  how to style it.





How cute is that? But for now, it just sits propped up against the wall in our bedroom for Telly to sniff curiously. It will make an appearance in our home eventually. Sometime in the future.

Do you find yourself ever buying things for the future?

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