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A new state

October 3, 2012

Hi. Yes, I still exist. Yes, I am stil shopping. Probably too much. I really have a problem. Granted I am taking two giant bags to Goodwill this weekend, so it isn’t like I am just hoarding clothes. But this is not the point of this post.

I went to Texas over the weekend to visit my BFF Jess. While we were there, we hit up a few of the shops on South Congress in Austin as well as some thrift stores. I finally got to try Savers, which I had heard many things from reading all the fashion blogs out there. I didn’t go too crazy, as yes, I do not need anymore clothes, but I figured I would share with you what I got.

First up at Savers. I tried on a bunch of stuff, but nothing really warranted me spending the money. There was this awesome leopard print blouse that was just a size too big. But I didn’t leave empty handed in terms of animal print.


Hooray for leopard print wedges! I mean, when you find the exact shoe you want (I had been wanting these for awhile) in your exact size, you cannot pass them up. I wore them to work on Monday with a simple black dress. And I love them.

We also perused the scarves…my weakness. I just love me some scarves. So of course, I got one. For .99 cents!


It is very, very colorful, and at first, I thought maybe it wasn’t for me. But then I tried it on and had Jess take a picture of me and was like…yes, you must go home with me. Those sunglasses I got for 2 bucks at the place we went next, Goodwill. The top is animal print (can you sense a trend here?) and the bottom is like white plastic. I picked them up while I was waiting in line to pay.

What I was paying for was this…



… an awesome red blazer/jacket with navy and gold detailing. Love this. It is cropped length and fits me perfectly everywhere else. I love when the thrifting gods send me such perfect signs. It was also 4 bucks. I mean…seriously people.

Texas is my third state where I have thrift (Virginia and Georgia being the other two). And I’m glad I have had success each place.

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