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October 26, 2012

Why hello there. I just happened to take a picture of my outfit today and I wanted to share it with you. I am on a once-a-month posting schedule it looks like, eh? Apologies. I have been shopping a lot recently. I added a few animal print tops from Forever 21 to my life this past week. Along with a most excellent pair of Zara pants I bought in NYC over the weekend. I will be sure to share these on here as I wear them. So let’s cut to the chase.

photoPants: Forever 21. Sweater: JCPenney. Boots: Target. Scarf: World Market

I had been trying to find a way to wear these white pants for awhile. I wore them a lot in the summer but I love how they pants fit and feel and wanted to extent their life to the fall. They are more of a winter white than a white white so I find that the don’t wear white after Labor Day thing doesn’t apply. Also, I don’t really care. I was thinking about my outfit for Friday at work yesterday (yes, I do this) and had an epiphany about this outfit. Because I was getting a package in the mail from JCPenney.

Oh a whim I was perusing JCPenney’s website on Monday. I know that they have rebranded themselves lately and I pop by occasionally to see what’s up. I ended up buying this top, an orchid purple skirt and a black top with some faux leather detailing. All for like $50 total. Not to bad. And the shipping was really fast too. I ordered on Monday and got the shipment last night. Fine by me. I just waited three weeks to get a delivery from F21. This was delightful in comparison.

I’ll admit I was shocked at how much of the stuff that I liked on JCPenney’s website. I haven’t shopped there in probably a decade and don’t associate their store with trendy clothes for young adults. I was originally drawn there looking for a skirt with leather-ish detailing (which I later procured at F21). But I had to hold myself back. And this sweater I am wearing today is awesome. Very nice quality. I am pleased.

Have you ever found great clothes in a place you weren’t expecting?


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