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A Sierra Trading Post (Post)

February 11, 2013

After a year in and out of physical therapy with back issues, I decided in December I was finally able to up my running again, and am now training for my first half marathon. Assuming back then that I’d be doing some running in the cold (though that has barely happened), I decided to do a little research and invest in some winter items made more for running than my long-sleeve tees from high school Student Government and Christmas 5Ks.

Normally I buy much of my workout gear at Target because it’s affordable and, to me, performs fine and lasts a while. However, I’d decided maybe I should up the ante if things were going to get more use.

My husband has been a Sierra Trading Post shopper for years. I had never really shopped there, knowing only that he bought clothes there and always seemed to think he’d gotten a good deal.

ski clothes

New ski clothes! If only it were colder and my schedule would clear up for a trip.

Sierra Trading Post has a unique personality to me. Its inventory is varied and its prices are great, and it seems confident in its ability to give you a deal. But then it’s also like an elementary school classmate who would give you her chocolate milk every day at lunch if you would just take the bus home with her one time. If you add something to your cart and let it sit, they will sometimes send an extra discount code to lure you into making the purchase. Even without that, if you sign up for their emails, they send discounts codes and links for 30-40% off about every other day.

In my running-themed order, I ended up getting a long-sleeve shirt, neck gaiter, running tights, socks and vest for a total of $73. It hasn’t been as cold as I anticipated, but I’ve gotten to wear everything except the gaiter and it’s all performed well. I’ve since gone back to STP for ski gear, scoring a $345 jacket for $90 and pants for $45. (Accompanying photo originally taken for my mom’s entertainment, but you can enjoy as well.) So far I’ve only shopped for active and outerwear, but the selection goes beyond those categories.

It’s worth signing up for their emails and checking the site anytime you’re making a purchase where you’re not married to a certain piece (such as, I need new running shoes, but am not set on a style or color). You will get a lot of emails but, any time you want to place an order, the deals will be waiting for you.

Where have you gotten the best deal on workout gear or outerwear?

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